Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weather blues continued

If you disregard the fact that I have been spending too much time home alone because the husband is swamped and I am not, and my incapability to do anything fun on a weekday, and the heat, life is looking good. Just that, nothing more, nothing less.

I am falling into in a strange kind of insouciance and I am not particularly happy about it. Some would call is growing up, some, calmness. I just think it is a disease that needs to go away. And go away real fast. Be it by a para sailing day out, a long road trip in April or July, or just another major campaign at work.

Not for long, I assure you myself. I only wish though that this phase of insouciance, that right now feels a lot like boredom, happened during the Bangalore rains. Because a book and adrak ki chai are not fun in an air conditioned room, no sir.

Someone take this heat away. I wonder how I will ever be able to live in Bombay again if I had to. Oh wait a minute, Bombay does not let you get bored, insouciant, or even complacent. And that makes all the difference.

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