Saturday, November 20, 2010

Welcome to the jungle!

If all journalists were like Vir Sanghvi, PR would have been one always satisfying, always awesome profession to be in. And I would not have been in PR. No, I am not being self righteous here. Often I have desperate days when even falling at the media's feet is among my very few options. But the minute a journalist asks me "what should I say? What should I write? You tell me what the message should be?", I will have to rethink my career options. Vir Sanghvi can go wax eloquent (because I hear he does that well) about how "journos speak to many people", he can't deny that asking a PR person what the message on his show "should" be, is a new low for Indian journalism. Hell, it is not even journalism to start with! I have nothing to say about Barkha Dutt because for one, I don't really understand Indian politics and I don't remember high school Civics well enough to decide what that conversation was all about. Out of the 4 parts on Youtube, only one sounded too suspicious to me (and that may or may not have been due to my lack of information) and I can only hope we are, as a nation, just jumping to misinformed conclusions, something we do very often. But Vir Sanghvi's conversation was biased journalism all the way! All I can hope now is that Prannoy Roy and Arnab Goswami protect their tapes better for two reasons - I am all about optimism and I have had enough drama from the amazingly self righteous media, and obscenely judgmental spectators.

I am also surprised that no news channel is covering the news though not even stating facts! Some would say it is because the sound clips are not substantial enough. But when have our news channels spoken of substantial news anyway? The more I look for this Barkha Dutt Vir Sanghvi fiasco on news channels, the more fervently I hope that its absence has more to do with community solidarity, not with the idea of glass houses and throwing stones. For now I will just sit back and watch.

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Preeti said...

Glad you wrote about this! A silent assurance that I am not the only one enjoying this gossip! :D
I heard all the tapes too, and I follow Indian politics closely enough to know that the way Indian media shows biased reports on politics, this was sure to happen! Especially Vir Sanghvi and Barkha Dutt! I was also scourging all news channels for a glint of this news, but turns out these guys are too smart to fall for that! The best part, however, has to be Barkha's tweet on Vinod Mehta: "He was on my show so many times!!" ;)
Back biters. What else can I say! :D