Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Of all the things I think about but don't hold the thought

I wanted to write about Obama's visit and how stupid I found the whole media overkill, the books I am re-reading, Holden Caulfield, Sheldon Cooper and evolution of mankind being inversely proportionate to their ability to drive, Ayn Rand and how true she was about mediocrity (so she spent her last days in an asylum.. So what?), about how this will make Rudyard Kipling smile in his grave and how true it is and how much I loved it. About Social Network and how much I loved it. And how the whole premise of social networking is based on "flaunting one's assets" and how I know I belong to the lot of exhibitionists - every thought, every picture - if not on Facebook, then on Twitter. If not on Twitter, then on the blog. About Bigg Boss and how I don't believe it is staged because a story would have been so much more interesting than how the show looks right now. About how Dolly Bindra reminds me of a mean aunt and how I still watch the damned show and love it too! About the new Bihari cook and how I don't cook anymore. And how I was wrong about being the best cook in the world. How chilly, sleepy, and gorgeous the weather is, how the winter is setting in. How I understand people's need to be polite to each other but I will never understand why anybody would ever say the exact opposite of what they actually feel. How I don't like my baby sis treating CAT like the end of the world and how it is no big deal because she used to wake up in the middle of the night before a class 2 English exam and I used to sleep late on university exam mornings and how we are as different as chalk and cheese and how much I love her for it and how I want to protect her from this phase of terrible confusion and uncertainty she is going through and how I know or should know that everyone has to fight their own demons. I want to write about Red Label Natural chai patti. And how it is already the second half of November and how soon we are going to be in 2011 and how surprised I am about it. About plug computers and how Facebook can be used so well to communicate the consumer angle in it. And about school friends and how it is always so much more fun meeting them that nobody else even comes close!

But when you think about work even in the shower, it gets a little difficult to blog about anything else because no other thought stays. No, I don't overwork. I just think about it like an obsessed lover. Old habits die really, really hard.

All I want is that December mini vacation. A 520 km drive (yes, the bus plan has yet again been dropped like hot potato) and the steamer ride to an island, the sun, the sand, the chilled beer, 4 days with R around constantly (yes, this new life is ensuring that even this becomes a holiday thing!) and days and nights on the beach, and seeing the sea through just one lens - the lens of my chashma (also because I sort of meant what I said about being a Facebook exhibitionist up there and I want to stop myself while there is still time). This one's going to be a holiday in all its glory! Come December..


Ricercar said...

isnt it a fascinating collage, all the thoughts that float through your brain all day!

DI said...

I loved Social Network too! And I am eagerly waiting for December :) And since we got the car, Buses and trains have been written off. Sigh, Goa!

Oh, and Red Label Natural chai patti is my wake up amrut, I would not be awake if not for it! :D

Tamanna said...

Rice, indeed!

DI, haan I know.. But this time we were hoping to stick with the bus/ train plan because the resort is on an island.. And the car will have to be parked for 2 full days at their office in the nearest town. And then the steamer ride to that island. But now we are going to just the leave the car there now, because the rest of the drive is going to be so worth it! You are going to Goa? We are thinking monsoons next year.. Dekhte hain! Abhi to Devbagh.. 2 hours from Goa, because Goa in December is such a no no.. Because of the crazy party crowd! And that chai patti I use only off and on.. It's usually adrak chai instead :D

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

How be you, T? I loved this post :) I wish you'd write longer posts about all of these, in your usual style.

Searcher said...

Thank you :)