Friday, November 12, 2010

Wide eyed wonder

.. Or why I love doing what I do.

I have been quite the cynic in the last couple of years. And cynicism does not go too well with my image, if you know what I mean :D I have been in the IT city, and the flaws that I had recognized a very long time ago, had resurfaced all over again. The sheer propagation of mediocrity, the whole sham of "offsites" and tech parks that surrounds what is essentially just another job/ degree/ industry, had been laughing in my face, and I had often been questioning my own decisions. But today, at the lunch table, I realised that there are still some people in the industry who see through the sho sha for what bodyshopping is really all about, people who still believe in the sanctity of journalism, people who don't need the veil of jargon to hide their flaws and stupidity and complete lack of anything intelligent to say because they have a point of view and they know how to put it across, people who believe in doing and not just "thinking out of the box", and people who see value where it really belongs. Of course I am talking about more than one person here, and I have come home with a lot more pride in my choices and decisions, and it seems like a blessing after living in cynicism for such a long time.I can now let things be. "The point that needed proving, mostly to myself, has been proved".

And I saw Irrfan Pathan. Aren't Fridays the best?


Rajlakshmi said...

good that you got your point proved... I am still searching for such proofs :D
Irfan Pathan!!!! how cool is that :D

piyu said...

Yay :)

DI said...

And i went to the hotel where the whole team is put up for dinner, and didn't spot even one of the guys! :(

Anonymous said...

You saw Irrfan Pathan! Where? Wherever that place is, I should start "hanging out" there when I get back :P

Tamanna said...

@Chink, Chancery it is. He's quite the cutie :P

Others, :D :D