Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Bihari also breaks her silence

I had chosen not to talk about Shahana (I wouldn't be caught dead calling people Madrasan or Dilli waali) because she was getting too much attention, unwanted or otherwise, and honestly, her rant was stinking of immaturity more than anything else. I have done misplaced angst ridden stuff like this a couple of times, so I will be presumptuos and say I understand where the poor thing is coming from.

But there is no stopping her, is there? I read her last post, apparently the last ever (too bad she messed up within the first 10 posts and will not stick around long enough to realize that blogging could actually help her cure that misplaced angst that I understand so well :P). I left a comment, but I have this weird feeling that it will never see the light of day. Even if it does, I will put it down here for posterity because this she will not be able to delete, and she can come back a few years down the line and read it and realize that youth can be tricky.

For someone who describes her name with so much aplomb (sample this: ..unlike your ‘Neha, Priya’ type generic names, I have a beautiful, well thought of name which the folks chose in the hope that I will live up to my rich musical lineage. The name is Shahana, also the name of an Indian Classical music Raga, was composed by the noted scholar Amir Khusrau..), she sure has the audacity to call others arty farty. Shahana is only a name, Delhi is just a city, and South India is just a region. The woman needs a stiff drink and better things to do when she is drunk. I signed off as Bihari. Just so that it is easier for her to label me because clearly, that is her thing.

On a (hardly) different note, is it just me or are young people suddenly becoming more arrogant (not proud) about their lineage/ daddy's business/ caste/ religion, like it is the 18th century all over again?

Also, how old is Shahana? I hope she is 24 or less, I am more comfortable with people making complete asses of themselves only if they are younger than me. And I am 27, in case you were wondering.


The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Oh man! She is on a roll.. I feel embarrassed for her. She did publish your comment though and I left one too.. but how childish is it to paint everyone with a "troll" label, and write a post on various kinds of trolls. Probably she doesn't realize it but lots of people have a lot of reason to be offended. I am one for sure: 1. My name is Neha (duh!) 2. I am a Punjabi from Delhi 3. My family has a history associated with the partition. 4. I'm from LSR.

Not going to "troll" her, but this is in such bad taste.

SheriffShooter said...

i wouldn't call her immature. she's probably only 12.

Richa said...

Dude.. I so agree with you. :)
All the blogs are popular coz the carry a negative tone to them .. N the steeply decreasing no. of comments say that shez not being able to pull it off that well now.

Tamanna said...

TSAS, guess what.. Your name may not be based on some random raaga but you have the grey cells that the woman is clearly missing. Don't get offended. She has no clue what she is talking about. If she ever develops an iota of "intellectual capability" (that she is claiming to be her birth right and her USP - blaaaaah), she will realize just how stupid she was when she wrote the post. I hope she grows up soon. Also, my comment has been deleted. So yay for the blog post :P Never saw your comment :D What's with these bloggers who shoot their mouths off? No balls, really. I am sure she is the most docile, politically correct person around in real life. Passive aggressive. Dude, I am psychiatrist :P

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

:D Yes, alternative profession #ftw

And the death of blogging is when someone plays the line "my blog, my opinion" on repeat. It's very similar to the attitude of people who when told not to spit on roads, say "Kyon, sadak tere baap ki hai?" There's a lot to be said about publicly shared information out there for feedback and disagreement, and it being different from screaming into your pillow. Why do they even want to waste 5 seconds writing the line "my blog, my opinion" when they can avoid all human interaction possible by purchasing a notebook with a lock? Also, deleting comments is real classy.. mine never got published at all though :D

And well, about her actual comments about "my kind", I'm going to sound trite but say there is no one type in the city I come from (and that's true for any city?). Hell, even my relatives are not exactly like me. I don't relate to the person or people she seems to be meeting in hordes and complaining about, so getting offended is out of the question. The only thing that hit me in the gut was the "dead dadi haunting you and telling stories about the partition days". That's when I used the red X on top right. She doesn't know what she's talking about.. I've met people who have horrific stories to tell, and who lost more than we can imagine in those times. You don't make a joke about the Holocaust and expect a Jew to "let your opinion be".. it doesn't work that way.

Phew! I need to get back to blogging :D

Scarlett said...

OK, so guess what? I read her post where she's taken off on Delhi men and their Punjabi upbringing, but the thing to remember is that she's not coming from a North Indian vs South Indian place. At least I didn't seem to think so. I think she's frustrated at the amount of leching and commoditization that women in Delhi have to put up with. And you can't argue that's not true. Maybe she went over board at places glorifying her lineage/upbringing/culture, but she hardly got anything related to Delhi and it's people wrong :) And I speak from experience.

Tamanna said...

"In return she will verbally Texas chainsaw massacre your face so badly, your dead Dadi will haunt you the very same night, telling you how fleeing Pakistan was less traumatic."

No matter how much a lot of us hate Delhi boys, I can't make my piece with this.

See, I hate a lot of things about Bangalore, I couldn't bear the thought of dating Maharashtrian chocolate boys. But you don't get away with saying shit like that. If she is talking harrasment here, I can bet my life she wouldn't have the guts to slap a man if he so much as whistles at her on the road. Because like my mom says, zaada garajne waale baraste nahi hain. And honestly, I probably didn't hold her first post against her so much, but the way she is rambling on and on, justifying a lot of things she said that anyone in their senses wouldn't, all I want to do is give her a big hug, and make her some Horlicks. Or LIT. Yup, I want to patronize her because that is the only answer I have to her insanity.

We don't have to agree on this, S. You know that, right?

Tamanna said...

TSAS, my sis spent 3 years in Delhi, and she is back there for her masters. For whatever it's worth, I love the little bit of Dilli I have seen with her. Hell, I LOVE the Chandani Chowk shops with those awesome bhaiyas with those self proclaimed rishtedaars who treated us with chaat and soft drinks to sell their lehengas. I have so many, many stories of Dilli wedding shopping, I can actually make a post out of it.

And I agree. There is not one "type". And I get it because I would like to believe that I am not the Bihari stereotype that I keep hearing about. So there. People are just stupid. :*

Scarlett said...

Of course I do. I just don't think her post is as big an issue as people are making it out to be. I agree she has over-reacted in some of the things she says, but I don't think there is any justification for the harassment that many Delhi men inflict on women, and so I'd rather side with her than with Delhi boys.

the white spider said...

You cant restrict leching n commoditizing to Delhi. Though I have never lived in Delhi n will never ever want to do so, but hey give the place a break..!!
One of my friends who has lived most parts of her life in del was shocked at the continuous animal sounds she had to listen to along with a very funny heyy! saeksay!!(sexy) here in Bangalore when she appeared in knee length shorts at a bus stop.. which she had somehow never experienced in Delhi.
If you hate a place so much so that you have to crib about it every time on a public forum you should just leave it.

Richa said...

The white spider's comment actually comes from me. :P Did not realize that his ID was logged in when I sat on the comp. He may not endorse any of the above statements (or mayn't have any opinion on this for that matter)..
I hope that my goof up is not typical to any part of the country :D

Tamanna said...

Richa, LOL! I am sure there are people who would attribute the goof up to some place :P And I so get your point on loving or leaving your city. That explains my love hate equation with Bangalore.

Richa said...

:) I come from a small hill station, Almora which would perhaps be as big as what.. HSR layout? Ok may be a bit bigger.. but even there, where almost everybody knew everybody.. boys would actually follow you down till you reached ur home (safely) which sounds funny but was actually scary if the way was deserted or abandoned.. (n somebody was constantly following you :s)
But that doesn't make me hate it. Aleast not as much to make me start having a classification for eh-hevryone!! sabziwala,doodhwala, dabbawala.. :D

Tamanna said...

Oh I live in Bangalore too. And have to say that Bangalore is an acquired taste :)

Rajlakshmi said...

I read her posts after the Delhi boy one... and i can't believe people still live with such screwed mentality.