Sunday, June 26, 2011


It is hardly news that I love rains. There is something about them that calms me down and drives me insane like nothing else. You know the small happiness of elaichi chai, a good, old, long forgotten country song, an old photo album, a bike ride, some quiet time, a long and winding conversation, even how a wind cheater feels against your skin, the wind against your face, and those drops of awesomeness in your hair.. The romance in all of this comes from the incessant fury of rains. I don't know if there is a reason for this, but for me, no candlelit dinner comes close to the romance of a hardly unusual rainy Sunday. Even better if it is spent on a bike, chasing the wind, the steamed corn walla on the other side of the road, tapri ki chai, and youth. It is fresh and happy, it feels good. It makes me blue and makes me insanely happy at the same time. To me, rain is like love. Only love is awesome-r.

In other news, I am fast running out of things to say here. Blame the hardly coherent voices in my head. All the buzz around either don't let me hear them or leave me too tired to pay attention. I am thinking of a break, just so I don't feel like something is amiss if I don't update for a couple of weeks. My Kerala sojourn is less than two weeks away. I am sure I will have something to say when I am back. Or earlier.

I am around!

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