Friday, June 3, 2011

I am a rockstar

And I have cramped muscles to prove it. Here we go.

After 2 years (more than 25, to be precise) of everyday binges and living in my little bubble of "Oh I am fat but healthy, I am ffffine!", I decided to start working out again and somewhat controlling my manic eating habits. I don't quite feel like a rockstar when I am red in the face after 15 minutes on the treadmill. Or cover half the "distance" compared to others on the floor, when I do the stretches. But this is a good place to start. One never really realizes how unhealthy they have been till they see the insides of a gym. I am not healthy. But I will get there. And this time around, I will really do it.

I have had a very on again off again relationship with any kind of exercise. I enjoyed running around my Malad house, going on long walks on odd evenings back in college (more to ogle than to really get any exercise), a couple of weeks of running in one of the many parks around Kothrud in Pune. I worked out in a gym back in Bombay. And Patna. I ran the marathon for God's sake! But I never kept up. I NEVER enjoyed any of it. I am not lazy, no. I have too much energy. I fling my hands in the air when I talk, I jump around when something good happens, but most of all, I exercise my vocal chords. Loud, clear, a tad too much. I talk. I talk out of turn. I don't let people complete their sentences. I ramble on out of context (exhibit A - the last couple of sentences). Stuff like that. But you ask me to run and I will probably show you the finger. Or make up some lame excuse. Like too much work.

But suddenly, and it might have something to do with the fact that after a lifetime of being overweight I am beginning to feel unhealthy only now, I am having a lot of fun working out. I am never going to be a "fitness freak" (oh how I hate those two words), I love my basmati and Dairy Milk and rasgullas and cheese and meethi adrak ki chai too much to be that. But I am pretty sure I am going to work out regularly now. There is nothing better than an hour to myself (I hate nosey trainers and I make sure they know it) and music blaring through my senses - it clears my head after work like nothing else. Just a few days ago I was cribbing about how I don't know how to switch off. From anything. I know now. I am going to keep at it. I am all over the Big Loser campaign - turns out it's an awesome way to keep moving.

Image courtesy - Wilmington Fitness


The Soul of Alec Smart said...

All the best :) Remember to have fun so you don't have to force yourself to stick with it!

Moonshine said...

Wow! I tried gymming once.. well once.. I paid up for an annual membership..and I went to the gym for exactly one month... 30 days over a 3 month period.. excuses were rampant..

And now I am going to start again.. rather try to start again.. with an walk morning walk / run..

I am not a morning person really... but I am looking forward to it.. today at least. :)

Good to know you like it... :)

chellsie said...

getting physical, eh?! yenjoy, i say! :D