Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The one that may not make much sense to you

I wrap this song around myself every time I hear it. It has been on a loop for 2 hours now. Again.

Kahaan se chale.. Kahaan ke liye.. Khabar nahi thi magar
Koi bhi sira.. Jahaan ja mila.. Wahiin tum miloge.

I think it is beautiful how it conveys (at least to me) that everything falls in place eventually. It does, doesn't it? "Everything that does not work out is a step closer to what will really make you happy" is not just a cliche.. Tum aa gaye ho.. Noor aa gaya hai.

I can relate this song to everything in my life. I mean everything. All my failures. All my successes. All the ties I broke. All the things that didn't work out and those that did. Every job I quit. Every subject I flunked and cracked. Every blog I started and deleted. Every friend I lost. Brought. Me. Here. And there is nowhere else I'd rather be. Khwaabon ke diye.. Aankho mein liye.. Wahii Aa Rahe The.. Jahaanse tumhaari sadaa aa rahii thi. See what I mean?

I love this song. You get the point, don't you?

P.S. Does anyone know how to make sure that the embedded video stays in place? Drop a line! I hate how it is hogging so much space on the blog.


Tulika Verma said...

LOVE this post! Relate to it so much! Its such a lovely song! Happens to me too...the finding of deeper meanings in music, specially old soulful songs like these..

Scarlett said...

Beautiful song. Aandhi, isn't it? I also like 'tere siva zindagi se shiqva' alot.

chellsie said...

love following your blog - though i don't 'follow', follow, y'know? :)
as for the video size, this must be the link for the video -
you must've gotten your code to embed when you clicked 'share'. check below the code, there's size options. what you have is 480x390. there's a smaller pick - 425x349. that'll fit just right into your blog space.
and the embedded video ain't going nowhere. :)
edit post and try this for size! ;)
hope this helps.
and yep, this is one great song! :)

Pepper said...

I absolutely *love* this song.. and then I've had guys who've made fun of me for listening to it repeatedly on loop. During my teenage years, I was embarrassed to admit my love for this one. People asked me what I like about 'tearful songs' like this

Now I don't care. I love this song.. and if people think that makes me loony, senti, then be it :D

Tamanna said...

Ah yes, this is a soulful song, all :)

Chellsie, thank you, it worked :)

chellsie said...

glad!! :)