Friday, April 8, 2011

What a week

You know that feeling when you are itching to pour your heart out on your blog but can't, because you have grown beyond the existential angst of youth and you don't blog anonymously. Right now, I don't really care.

I really want to become a mother. But a balanced one at that. Motherhood will be a very, very important part of my life but it will not be a be-all and end-all of my existence. Mum says wait and watch. I say wait and watch too.

I don't assume people are jealous of me when they disagree with me (I was accused of this last week. Beat that. Outrageous? Well. It takes all kinds.). If someone thinks I do, they probably have reason.. Look at my life, look at yours. Who among the two of us has a life worth getting jealous of? So if you pointed it out, you might just be right in the predicate. You said it, I didn't.

W-e-l-l. O-f-c-o-u-r-s-e. I love Dhoni. On TV.

I really think many (not all) mommy bloggers need to stop taking themselves too seriously. And even if they don't, they REALLY need to start getting comfortable about the fact that everyone has opinions. If they don't do that, in spite of all their pride in their mommy skills, they will bring up extremely unreasonable people. Unreasonable, stubborn, and rude. If they feel the need to clean the world they are leaving behind for their children, maybe, just maybe, they should start at home.

I like cotton kurtas. Even on Fridays. Have you seen the temperature?

I think social media and freedom of expression is all very well. But my problem is people like Gul Panag. One day I will tell my grandchildren I was half trolled by her on Twitter (for expressing an opinion that was not in her favour, without tagging her, believe it or not). But for now I am going to stop right here because I am done fighting with her, almost pleading that I am entitled to my opinion and stating that she is entitled to hers. Unfortunately. If she has chosen to be a public figure (also by reinforcing her non-existent celebrity status on Twitter over and over), she will have to deal with public criticism. Or did she troll everyone who thought Turning 30 was a less than mediocre movie and that she can't act for peanuts? I wouldn't be surprised if she did.

I think it is quite funny that there are people who harp on and on and on about racism when they see a page called Lanka Dahan on Facebook but when it comes to them, it is quite ok to make unnecessary digs or generalized statements about Indians from regions other than their. Charity begins at home, remember?

I think teenagers who longed to be "different" but were way too run off the mill, grow up desperately trying all their lives. Not comfortable in their own skin, ever. They will take a "different" stand on nearly everything. But at heart they are just desperate teenagers who did not fit on so they tried their hand at being different and then forgot to switch gears. I forgive them. Because I grew up.

I think the heat has got to me. I have been touchy about too many inconsequential things this last week. And inconsequential people - online and other indirect acquaintances to be precise. It is quite strange, coming from me. I am usually indifferent. This heat, I tell you.

Have you seen the outrage on Twitter? I am not judging anyone. I support Hazare because the man has a cause he is standing up for. How many of us do that? I will spend the weekend reading up the bill before I say anything else.

I am drained. But hey. I go home to a man who told me what now seems like a million years ago, that he wanted to marry someone who did not agree with him all the time. The happy part is that he stuck to this line. That is my deliverance today.

See you on the other side.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree about the mommy blogger! The "seriousness" of it all sometimes is so downright comical.
You keep rocking girl!

Scarlett said...

I completely understand the angst one goes thru' when one wants to pour one's heart out on one's blog, but can't do so b/c one doesn't blog anonymously :(

I hope you do get to become a mommy soon!!!!! :D

Tamanna said...

Anon, I like it when people agree with what I say and leave their name behind.

Scarlett, ha ha! Thank you ji! Not planning kids anytime soon, just planning everything motherhood.. At least for the next 3 years :)

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Whoa! :)

I agree with everything here. Specially with cotton kurtas, and well of course, Dhoni :D

Have a great weekend!

Arunima said...

hope you had a great one. keen to read the twitter posts now. :-)