Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My in laws have been here for over a week now, and so have a lot of restrictions. What I wear, how I talk, and not to mention, a sudden and complete break from all the terrible habits R and I seem to patronize in the family we call only our own. I am no saint, it can and does get claustrophobic sometimes. But for the last couple of hours, I have been talking to my parents in law about their days as young parents. And for all the love shared between them, all the shared history, and their resolve to make their son one of the most amazing men I (or you) would ever meet, and for all the efforts they put in to making him the kind of man I am proud to call my husband, I owe them much, much more than a couple of weeks of what our generation selfishly calls "inconvenience". I love them for their son. Always have, always will. Here's to my in laws, two of the most resilient and amazing parents in the history of parenthood. One day I will make it up to them. And then some.


The Soul of Alec Smart said...

You ARE a saint, babes :)

I mean, I always tell myself the same thing... that bringing him up and making him who he is, is the one thing that will always count more than the little inconveniences. But the selfish inconveniences do get the better of me lately. I am too much of a 'the knife cuts both ways' person.. always was, always will be.. basically beyond redemption :D

Nuttie Natters said...

Just the thought i need with the inlaws visiting. Totally totally agree with u

Sumira Khan said...

Loved this post. Thank you! So this is what I'm going to think of everytime I get pissed off with the in-laws. It's going to make life so much easier. For everyone. :) By the way, I lurk here regularly... thought it was time to delurk and get acquainted. So, howdy!

Tamanna said...

TSAS, I am :P

Nuttie, glad to be of help :)

Sumira, I somehow lost track of your blog. Thanks for the comment, going to check yours again right away. Absolutely love your writing.

Arunima said...

And i think that is how we adjust most of the times. Nothing wrong with that, but i just read in another blog, we should not sweep injustice in the name of tradition and values.

The in-laws are nice people and they mean well, but they are tough to change. The inconvenience is still an inconvenience. we just live with it, don't we? :-)