Monday, February 14, 2011

Pink overload inspired moment of mush

I may come across as an anti V day fanatic. I'm not. I just think it is cheesy. And fortunately, a smile as the car drives away, a quick hug in the middle of running errands, and a quick phone call in the middle of a manic weekday is all the sign you need. And all the spark. And assurance. No need for a giant red heart or powerpuff pink to talk about love. Love is in the small things. At least mine, nay our, is.

And for that I thank my stars. Not just on valentines day. Definitely not on valentines day.

No, I am still not wishing/ accepting V day wishes. This was a point of view I just HAD to express today.

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Arunima said...

i had a friend who never had time to be with her spouse. However, i found them really trying to find time for each other on V day and i felt it was nice that they had an excuse/occasion to be together at least. To each his own.