Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alive and Tweeting

Twitter on BB might just make me stop blogging completely. That, coupled with all the random thoughts that I can't don't hold long enough to blog about, is making me a serious Twitter addict.

Blogger, are you listening? How does a super cool blogger app for BB sound? Do something! Logging on to the browser is not fun enough and I don't want to stop blogging completely. It will be the end of an era that has lasted a decade.

The husband says new age communication all about being concise (Not my style! But what do I know? I thought 140 characters was blasphemy). Hmmm. If he had his way, the whole world would be video blogging by now. Let me put this in writing today, my children will NOT watch Noddy movies or read Malory Towers on a Kindle, no! A fine balance, that. To make sure that the child does not grow up to be technology disabled, nor apprehensive about picking up my old, yellow-ed Rands, Seths, and Brysons at 18.

Kids. I want. A tiny girl in the cutest little bikini top and "diapered bum" (I am not creative enough to come up with the diapered bum bit - Roxie, thanks! :D) A tiny boy in the cutest little pair of jeans. And that roadtrip.

A fine balance again. To get away from the brouhaha of everyday existence and start something in a tiny little hardly known beach town. Or a daughter and a son, a husband and a house, an SUV, and those family road trips. Even as I write this, I know what my choice is going to be. I am quite the family girl I say! :D

Did I just ramble on again without having anything to say? There! Once a blogger, always a blogger. I am here to stay. False alarm (:P), see you around!

P.S. My dear Ma and Daddy, you two shy, quiet readers of this blog. See what your 29 years of marriage has done to me. I am a family girl now! Your best gift ever? Happy anniversary, you two! Hugggggggggggs!


PURN!MA said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents! :)

what can someone as illiterate as me say abt technological advances??? i know just till bluetooth. after that whatever has come up... ipad, iphone, ithis, ithat, everything with 10000000 apps in it.. i am clueless!!!!

ppl rnd me discussing all this, i already feel like i belong to the prehistoric period. or perhaps i am extinct with the dinosaurs!! bah!

i dont understand twitter... so i am happy blogging. hope u don't quit this place! :(

Roxie said...

Awww. All this and more, will come true :D. Hugs.
Diapered bums are just the cutest, no?

Arunima said...

I get some instant gratification in the mocro-bllogging and social networks, but come back to my blog finally. Been blogging too long to be tempted by anything now.