Monday, November 1, 2010

When it comes to housework the one thing no book of household management can ever tell you is how to begin.  Or maybe I mean why.  ~Katharine Whitehorn, "Nought for Homework," Roundabout, 1962

A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.  ~James Dent

If the shelves are dusty and the pots don't shine,
it's because I have better things to do with my time.
~Author Unknown

Blaaaah! It's time for Diwali cleaning and I have no excuses left.

The obvious and fair solution to the housework problem is to let men do the housework for, say, the next six thousand years, to even things up.  The trouble is that men, over the years, have developed an inflated notion of the importance of everything they do, so that before long they would turn housework into just as much of a charade as business is now.  They would hire secretaries and buy computers and fly off to housework conferences in Bermuda, but they'd never clean anything.  ~Dave Barry

Let's just say I got lucky. So.

I like hugs and I like kisses,
But what I really love is help with the dishes!
~Author Unknown

I hope today turns out a day that two people reminisce about and smile into the distance when they are too old and frail to clean.  Right now, it just seems like it is never going to end. Planning to clean the house upside down is more therapeutic than cleaning itself.


PURN!MA said...

LOL.. where did ya get all those awesome quotes?? n Wishing u and ur family a very very HAPPY DIWALI!!! :)

Rajlakshmi said...

hahahaha :D awesome quotes :D

DI said...

Heheh! Awesome quotes!
I am not one for too much nit-picky cleaning, but when I do it, I over-do it :(
And now I am all guilty and in mood for a super-cleanup of the house!