Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Because I am extremely pleased with myself. Again.

It is that time of the year again!

Diyas and mithai, and crackers and rangoli. And saree. And debauchery.

And the one time even I get religious (as opposed to believer - I am always a believer), because everyone needs the dough! :P

And this happy nip in the air. And the stoles and sweatshirts.

And December is not too far!

The one time of the year that fills me with hope for the future, and a certain comfort about what just went by. All the mad cleaning to get rid of the demons of the year that went by and then all those diyas and candles to bring in the new year. A new, happier time in our lives. I am hopelessly, foolishly optimistic. In my head, things always get better. Even if they look like they are so awesome, they couldn't get any better. There is always something more to look forward to, something to work towards. One more holiday to plan, one more penny in the piggy bank for that house, one more raise, another trip back home. Yes, I am materialistic. If small things make me happy (which is now a long overdue post), big things make me happier. (Whoever decided what is big and what is not?) It is that time of the year when I fall in love with the pace at which my life is going. I was thinking about it just the other night - 2 years, 3 jobs, 2 cities, 1 fiance, later husband, home and marriage, a Diwali of sheer irresponsibility, to now one where I actually need to be involved in all the planning. 2 years is a short time for changes of the scale that I have seen. And my report card says I have not done too badly.

I love Diwali. I love year ends. I now even love report cards :-)


Rajlakshmi said...

seems the diwali fever has already set :D
enjoyyy :)

DI said...

Enjoy! :) And may you just get better and better results in your report card!

DI said...

Enjoy! :) And may you just get better and better results in your report card!

Chinkurli said...

Sounds like you had a great Deepavali! *envy* No celebrations as such here, of course, but Dolly Bindra and Co. are providing enough fireworks, so no complaints ;-)