Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The one that started out as a note to myself

Over the years you have often realised that if you could change just one thing about yourself (after of course you learn how to weave magic with words and lose the tonnes and tonnes of extra weight accumulated only because of unhealthy eating), shutting your trap would be it. Repeat after self-

I do not need to feel strongly about everything under the sun. Good strong, bad strong notwithstanding. Sometimes indifference is OK too. And sometimes it is OK to hold on to one's opinion till it changes. And not just because it changes! Everything that enters the head does not need to come out of the tip of my fingers or my big blabbermouth.

Repeat every morning, afternoon, and evening. Till you get rid of this OCD. Unless of course, you want to see yourself doing foot-in-mouth gymnastics often and not even win any awards for it or lose any weight because of it.


Quick update - My motorcycle (without gears) diaries begin now. The shiny sexy thing is here. Please welcome her to all the madness! For now she sits pretty next to the car and our parking area looks colourful, pretty, and a little more mine. The only cruising I have done until now is putting on a brave show for the neighbours and laundry people while I scream, screech, accelerate, brake, and generally feel like the Jack Bauer of the colony.

P.S. You hear all the talk about weight loss etc? I think it is time to give some thought to my nawaabi lifestyle. A gym in my otherwise wayward life would be good idea. A lot needs to change around here, especially the weighing machine reading! What you sow and all that. More on that later.

Image courtesy: hellosunshine.org


piyu said...

Woohoo.. the bike is here :D :D..
The auto-wallas will miss their daily dose now :P :P

Even I am still procrastinating about starting to go to the office gym now that they have finally installed the showers.

Chinkurli said...

Congratulations :D We want to see pics!

Nuttie Natters said...

OOh congratulations on the bike...

Did i hear something about changing the weighing scale reading...WOW!!! If u figure out a magic portion or soemthing do let me know!

austere said...

Congrats on the pretty shiny thing and perchance the gym.

DI said...

Nice! Bikes and bike rides rule! :D
Oh, and gym away! I am totally into endorsing gymming these days :D
@Piyu Tsk tsk, still contemplating? :P