Thursday, October 14, 2010

In my backyard..

Is a dreamy stretch straight out of a trippy road trip. A narrow tree lined road, followed by a narrower stretch with fields of gold running along. And I discovered it today, a year and a half after I moved in here!

1. Home just got a little more perfect.
2. Everyone cheer my sexy grey thing again!
3. Everyone cheer the awesome new teacher I have found. If only someone taught me Engineering Graphics the way I am learning cruising-along! The man is a rockstar on some days, better on others :P

And one day I will overcome my obsessive fear of roads when I am in control. One day I will also start believing I don't have murder (or suicide) on my mind :P


~G said...

Three cheers for this post. Hip hip...???

~G said...

Just now the word moderation showed me the word 'fulti'. :)
It sounds so local chaap no. Couldn't stop grinning :D Had to share....

and this time it is 'indra'. cosmic consciousness huh!

piyu said...

I had the exact same sentiments, when P taught me to ride (well I knew before, had a license too :P, but I had kinda forgot and lost all confidence, so he came with me to office double-seat for one whole week, till I felt I could do it every day)

DI said...

Yay for you!

I am super confident on bikes, touchwood, I am actually a bit rash at times :|
Cars, please keep them away!

austere said...

in the same boat re gaadi.

Abhid-d said...

Hi Tammy, Abhid-D here. I just wanted to say that I finally uploaded a photo of mine on my blog. Since I've seen your photo, its only fair that you see mine.

I know you won't post my comment, so as not to link to my blog from yours. So here's the link below :-

Bye Tammy.

P.S. -> Even I can't drive properly and have a moribund fear of the trafficked road. But I like riding my bike though.

Tamanna said...

@G, HURRRAY!! :D :D fulti, heehawhaw :D :D

@Piyu, exactly what's going to happen with me next week :))

@Austy, thank you for 'em prayers :)

@DI, you lucky bum! :( I rode a Sunny many years ago.. The damn Activa is heave and I have forgotten the balancing act!

@Abhiwhatever, ever heard of ADD? Read up. And see a shrink.