Saturday, October 2, 2010

The one where the analogy is strange. But true.

Moving around furniture and buying some, each time getting a little closer to the way I want the house to eventually look but never quite getting there, makes me the happiest. The nicest and probably the worst thing about this happiness is that the bar is reasonably high now, and the thought of settling for anything that doesn't balance the practical and the impractical, the perfect and the imperfect so well, scares me. And the idea of living in one of those mass produced apartments in the gated communities of Yelahanka/ Hosur/ Whitefield, is like dying a slow death caused by big EMIs for something I don't even want. That is a story for another day.

For all the tell tale signs of ageing, like waking up with a headache (that is not a hangover) after an almost all-nighter, there is still one thing that I have held on to. I still don't want to "settle down". What fun would it be to get the house to look exactly how I want it to already? Or "settling" for a house that is not even close to perfect? What next? Get the analogy?

Is it foolish to really believe that the fun is in the journey? The journey of course is awesome-r (Barney overdose, please excuse) when you have someone to split the fuel bills and share stories with.

Regular readers and trolls, I am not changing jobs (again). This is just a thought that crossed my mind last night.

By the way, it is October FINALLY. The quarter has still not been closed but at least the happiness of this month is closer. Bring on the festivities. And Big Boss :P


Chinkurli said...

I am missing Bigg Boss this year (you know why) :'( ! Keep watching and giving me updates please! it starts today, right?

Anonymous said...

Wait till you're my age, then I'll ask you if you feel the same way about Bapu.
He would have fought for your right to dislike him, abhor if you so chose-- yes, doesn't make sense.
Begin with the EMIs. I made the blunder of not buying.


Tamanna said...

Done Chinkie :P

Austy, took it of. Suddenly it didn't make sense, blame your perspective :) And EMIs, yes. Soon :-|

DI said...

Big Boss started? Who all are there? Heck, lemme check. I am not a big fan, but chalgea :)
Hmm, The journey is fun alright, mainly cos the anticipation of the destination is always there. The EMIs are KILLING me, and I dont even get my house for another few months sigh!

Nuttie Natters said...

Well...we took thhe back breaking EMI...the only thing that compensates is decking up a new house...which is oh so fun..

But yes i am no where near growing up still

Big bOss..big boss...hope it's fun!

piyu said...

Furnishing the house -- even thinking about, and window shopping for it, so takes my mind off worrying about the EMI and the payments :D

Searcher said...

you deleted one post "Grey"..? why? In the opening blurb it read like something i would like to read more of.