Thursday, September 30, 2010

After the unadulterated negativity and pessimism on TV and newspapers, and the foolish idealism, optimism, and "patriotism" on social media, this post here is a welcome change.

I am still fervently thinking about the Ayodhya verdict, and still hoping (foolish idealism, was it?) that nothing is going to happen this time and that we have grown up beyond expectation. For a cynic like me, this is already an evolution of sorts.

उम्मीद पे दुनिया कायम है|


Preeti said...

Thanks for the mention! :)
So true on the hope bit! But watching the judgement and the chaos on TV is quite hopeless!

DI said...

I was going to type 'Ummeed pe duniya kayam hai' without reading tht line on your post!

Same pinch :D