Saturday, October 16, 2010

A definite nip in the air

... And am I happy! Woke up to shivers, and I know this is about all the winter I will get this year. But something is better than nothing. Bring on the adrak ki chai!

... And happy puja to whoever is reading this. I was never really big on Dussehra, in fact I had to be dragged to go pandal hopping back home in Patna. And then college happened, and with that came the freedom to celebrate only festivals that I enjoy. While I am fervently waiting for Diwali and all the food that I have taken upon myself to make, dusting the suitcases of all the sarees I never wear, planning Diwali cleaning and Dhanteras shopping, and generally feeling like Grihalakshmi (:P), this year I am also surprisingly nostalgic about Dussehra pandals. I guess this happens with age - you start romanticizing about a lot of things and choose to forget how they bored the living daylights out of you when you had the opportunity to make the most out of them. Having said that, getting to the crowded pandals still seems like too much trouble. One day I will go back to one of those, maybe with my kids in tow. (I changed my mind.) Until then, Bengali Dashami buffet lunches it will be for me. Iliiish, here I come!

... And I HATE SALMAN KHAN. I still haven't seen Dabbang, and I can't bring myself to do it. But I can't escape his stare-in-your-face stupidity on Bigg Boss. Now you know I love Bigg Boss, so you can't blame me for pretending to hate Salman Khan because of the whole class-mass factor. The man is unbelievably dense. His jokes make no sense. I don't know why he is still on TV or movies. I don't care about his big biceps and his apparently big heart. I can't stand him! It is becoming increasingly difficult to watch Shahrukh too these days. (Something is terribly wrong with me!) But nothing, not even Shakti Kapoor, comes close to as nauseating as I find Salman Khan. I think I will just skip the Friday shows on Bigg Boss.

... While we are on Bigg Boss, I am getting a little worried about the image of Biharis in the world. The thing is, we are a loud, crazy bunch. Shit proud of ourselves. Whether or not we have anything to pride ourselves upon. Take me for example :P But a certain Manoj Tiwari, whose bhojpuri Chhatth bhajans used to be a regular feature during the most awesomest Bihari festival long ago in my history, is worrying me sick. I mean we Biharis might get hurt when someone nominates us. But we don't take it sitting in a corner feeling sorry for ourselves. We make others feel sorry for themselves. Or we just take it in our stride and say things like "Kisko rehna hai yahaan. Hum baahar jaayenge toh hamaare fan log humko dekh ke pagla jaayenge. Yahaan baith ke hum apna samay kaahe barbaad karein? Hum superstar hain". And more often than not, we mean it. But Manoj Tiwari is just becoming increasingly pathetic on the show. I loved Ravi Kishen and his classic lines that the entire country was chanting with him. Or even Kamaal Khan, who strictly by virtue of acting in Bhojpuri cinema, was as Bihari as me :P But Tiwari ji, get your act together. Jai Bihar!

... And now I am off to think about all the things I am going to do with my Kiney this weekend - just this morning I remembered that was the word for Activas back in college. The only difference now is that the days of borrowing Kineys for some bhelpuri outing are long gone. I own a Kiney now! Yayy to that! As you can see, my initial high is still not over.

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S said...

Being a bengali..the only thing that stayed with me after reading the entire post is Ilish..
Ooooooo Ilish! How I miss!

Happy Kiney rides to you..
But sad there won't be funnt posts on autowallahs anymore :P