Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So here I was. Giving my Dad some investment gyaan. He asked for it. (My dad, I tell you! He will take any gyaan from anyone. If only I had inherited that instead of the temper.) And he wanted it immediately. (Well. It runs in the family. We want everything immediately.)

And I couldn't help wondering. When did this role reversal happen? Just because I grew up, started earning my own pocket money, and got married, do I have to stop being the fussy, stupid kid I have been to my parents all my life? I am not sure if they liked me for it, but I loved them for it!

Man. I want to go see them. IMMEDIATELY. I will go sit and cry now.

Stupid life.

Edited to add - And on that note, Bombayyyy HERE I COME! Two weeks, and off I go!


PURN!MA said...

awwwwwwwww... I know!! Growing up sucks, no? I'll go and throw some tantrums now!

DI said...

Book tickets and go home NOW. I am telling ya.

Tamanna said...

Purnima, it does. But i also helps you buy tickets at the click of a button without feeling guilty about spending your parents' money ;)

DI, point taken and implemented :P

austere said...