Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I love honest open smiles, kisses from a child, tomatoes on the vine, and onions

What do you call a man who munches on pistachios, and grins at cricketers on TV, munches on some lozenges, seems very tired, makes toast and jam for pre dinner snacking, and tirelessly talks the best nonsense ever?

You call him R. MY R. I have spent an entire weekday evening with him after a long time, saying nothings, grinning, and getting my leg pulled. This is what they call "rejuvenation". Funny I am not as tired as I was until yesterday. Who needs weekends, sunny days, and sleep when you have love? This common, everyday love.


piyu said...

I know about these weekday evenings.. I completely forget how crappy my workday was or how tired I felt after having one of these :)

DI said...

Sigh :)

austere said...

how beautiful.
much dua.

S said...

Liked the way you said MY R.
In capitals :)