Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things I want(ed) to do before 30 - An update

6 years ago, I had made a list of things I wanted to do before I turned 30. It makes me laugh, how highly I used to think of myself. Do remember that I was young and stupid then. Now I am only stupid. Here goes the list. And the update.

1. Head HSBC. High hopes, eh? But well, if you don't dream big, you don't make it big! What did I JUST say about being young and stupid? I have no idea why HSBC specifically. LOL!

2. Get married. Yeah that too! ;)  Yayyyy! I accomplished SOMETHING!

3. Have a cute little daughter called Kashish. And an extremely naughty son. Called Shivansh maybe! :D  Before 30? What was I thinking? Oh and there is now a slight change in names. I don't want my daughter to go around with that bar dancer name for the rest of her life. I know how that feels.

4. Do up my own apartment. :D  I can't say my own, because we didn't pay for it. Oh well. We do, every goddamned month! So yes, this one's done. And done well I think.

5. Own a huuuuge library with books strewn all over, a coffee maker, a bean bag, and a 10000 watt CD Player!  Does a nice big book shelf count? And 1 million non electric coffee makers I bought or got in the last 6 years? And I can't help it if CD players and wattage got replaced by MP3s and iPods and memory. So this has been accomplished, in the manner of being "with the times" ;)

6. Learn how to cook.  Wooohooo baby! Who would have thought?!

7. Bungee jump from 600 feet straight into a river. 600 feet? Does that really happen?

8. Go to France, Sikkim, and Leh. Not alone, mind you! Leh is done. And Sikkim and Europe are DEFINITELY going to happen before I hit the wrong side of 30.

9. Go on a cruise. I don't want to now! So this doesn't count. At 20, I didn't particularly believe in the wonders of shoestring budget. Then I grew up. Or so I think. Or maybe it has more to do with living on Dad's money then and my own money now :D

10. Own a Scorpio and a Harley Davidson, and learn how to drive the latter! Not yet not yet! Does a Getz count? :D

11. Take ma on a looong holiday after I get my first salary. This needs to get done. And fast.

12. Get caught in a sea storm and see how it feels. Like dad. I don't think like that anymore. Sea storm no thank you sir. I love my dad any way!

13. Meet Ayn Rand in person. She is dead. She was dead even when I wrote this. But does reading all her works and then beginning to understand why she spent her last years in an asylum count?

14. See Clapton and Deep Purple in concert. It is a shame that I live in Bangalore and I haven't seen any BIG gigs yet. Backstreet Boys and MLTR seem to have replaced the rock icons I loved in all the big gigs in Namma Bengaluru. Hmph! I did see Kailash Kher in concert though :P

15. Sleep all night. 10 pm to 10 am. My insomnia didn't last beyond college days. And there I was, sounding all precocious and feeling all deep and intense because I had insomnia. Not everyone is meant to be that precocious death metal listening, black attire wearing, Fabindia loving, sniggering-at-pink, insomniac punk rocker for the rest of their lives after all. This is the point when I send a prayer to someone up there for making me normal at long last!

Sometimes I think I should publish those gems from 6 or 7 years ago, more often. To keep the self deprecatory humour alive on this blog.


austere said...

From Clapton to Kher!

Will think of something relevant once i stop laughing.

Tamanna Mishra said...

LOL! And here I was, thinking why my posts just sounded like I was desperately trying to be funny :P and not succeeding mind you :D

About Kher and Claptop, sab time time ki baat hai :D Once I thought the day I make my big move to Bombay or Bangalore, I will get to see rock icons. Now the only bearable gigs are those of semi-sufi icons. Cest la vie! :D

piyu said...

Absolutely loved the post Tamanna!

HSBC - lol :D.. Kashish.... seriously??? What WERE you thinking :P.. esp after that post of yours :)

I want to take my ma to vacation too :) :).. dunno when that will happen :(

Tamanna Mishra said...

@Piyu, I am so glad you agree with me :P

DI said...

Wow! I loved this! :D I think a revisit to an old post is due now for me too :D
HSBC? I wanted to be in ICICI, LOL!
Also, dudette! You wont believe this one, Kashish was my daughter's prospective name too! :o
Very very cool! :D Go for that vacation, now!

Tamanna Mishra said...

ICICI eh? LOL! And Kashish? Damn DI! This similarity business is almost spooky :P Let me guess where you picked this up. A Zee TV serial back in late 90's or 2000. 2 sisters. Kashish and Mehek. Was that it? I think I saw a couple of episodes and decided that was it :D

Anonymous said...

well..not before 30...but i did want to head Deutsche bank and i know why - coz i loved the building in Mumbai + ummm and it was close to sterling and in fort which had deadly sea food restaurants...sighhh...youth

and dude...stop calling ur name a bar's my daughter's potential name...and just when i started liking kashish u ruined that too...Hmmmph!

Nu said...

Nice post :)..list I meant!

Kashish is a nice name and I love the name Tammana..specially from the movie 'Phir Milenge' :)

My wish doesn't match yours but yes I can relate to what you started your post were young and stupid :D which I feel I was too...mean I could be still like that ;) what ?? I meant YOUNG ;)

Prateek Sur said...

u should have already taken ur mom on a trip..i will..from my first salary..but that still a year ahead to come to life..but it sounds good wen i dream of it..nd abt the location i would like to say that u should try the Dooars forests of north bengal..they are awesome..
try checking out my blog and commenting on the posts..

Preeti said...

We have a lot of common blog friends, but SOMEHOW I never commented here! Your comment on Chinkurli's Indian authors post got me here - common love for Sidin I guess! I just wrote a review for his book on my blog, and HE commented there! :D
Loved your post, you are going on my Reader!
And yeah, I wanna watch Eric Clapton Live too. Sirf You look Wonderful Tonite bhi chalega!

Tamanna said...

@Nu :D Thanks for visiting!

@Prateek, I know you have been saying this but I do check your blog once in a while, but to be honest, I don't know what to say. I guess I would have, 4 years back. But now I am an oldie :) A whole lot of college kids out there on blogs.. In our times we actually used to have a group of engg kids called The Buhaha Gang who had a combined effort blog and separate blogs of their own. You should get in touch with college folks' blogs! They will be able to relate with your posts better. Do you read Khamba? It's A lot of people you age on his blog. Are you on Indiblogger, Blogadda etc? Participate in their contests to increase readership.. It always helps! See you around!

@Preeti, I know I know.. I see your name in my inbox all the time.. The updates on the comment boxes I subscribe to :D I think I have read you too, only didn't de-lurk earlier. Will more often :D And Sidin commented eh? Lucky you! If Krishashok and Sidin became regulars here, I will have such blast too! Hope to see you around more often.. And I am off to catch up on your blog now :D

Nu said...

Lo!!! I've visited so many times :| sigh no one remembers me here :(

Tamanna said...

@DOJ, I don't know how I missed your comment. Deutsche Bank eh? They were a client once, so I did have a short lived urge to work for them while working on their project. I had already grown up by then, so it didn't last long :P