Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Google Story

I have been meaning to do this for a while now. I am in a horrible mood and my new sunshine yellow kurta isn't helping right now, with PMS doing its bit and all. So don't expect a masterpiece. Ah well! If you actually read this blog, you are not used to masterpieces anyway. (And with that, I think I am going to lose all my 4 readers and 1 troll :D)

So. This list is of some of the search keywords that led people to this blog in the last 1 year. I wanted this to be a funny post. But I am not feeling too funny today. And for some strange reason I am dying to put this here today. Because I may not survive today. And like they say in Bihar, if you die with an unfulfilled wish, your following life is that of a donkey (gadha janam, they call it). My life right now is not VERY different. But I don't like how donkeys look.

I am not sure why I talk so much. Here you go..

Tamanna Mishra - I have no idea why or who someone would google me. I do it all the time (ahem!) but why would someone else do it? What the hell. I feel really important :P

Who is Tamanna Mishra - Used Google for the first time, didn't you, Hunter? Did you find out? Do you like what you see? :P

My memory is failing me - And what can Google do about it? Or me? Try some 30+ capsules instead!

Ishqiya krishna verma spoiler ending - what??? I have no idea what you are talking about. I will pretend it was Naseeruddin Shah, or Arshad Warsi if you will, frantically hunting for something. This has been hunted for 27 times already!

Mutton curry recipe Bihari - Heh heh! The unimaginable has happened. From the unmarriageable type, now people read my recipes on the blog. Ahem. I am a fast learner I say! This one especially makes me proud :P

Be pendi ka lota means what in english - So, you don't speak English? AND you can't speak Hindi, clearly. Rapidex needed much?

Feeling peaceful in a city - You are? And you are sure it is not a town in the Himalayas instead? Drop a line? Sigh!

How to resolve a domestic squable - My blog doesn't even hint at what needs to be done. Email me. Let me explain ;) And while we are at it, let me also tell you the correct spelling of "squable" on email today?

Inspiration for dangling conversation - All I can say is you don't exactly need inspiration. Just go with the flow. My blog won't teach you a thing about this. Try Facebook instead :P Unless of course you want to know what inspired my favourite S&G number. That can be categorized as gyaan. And that, my friend, you will NOT find here. Ever.

Tamanna Mishra food/ Kathal ki sabzi/ Tamanna Mishra food review - 1. I am famous :P 2. Food. Me. I know. I know.

Neha Thakur - I am very disappointed. Neha Thakur (the one I know that is) writes like a dream. I am not even close. Do NOT confuse me with her. And do NOT rub it in :P

Peaceful easy feeling clogspot - Misplaced sarcasm. Or just a typo? :D

Sattu/ raju srivastav/ Patna ka afternoon temperature/ Notre Dame Patna - And one more time. Yes I am a Bihari!

Weather Bangalore - And yes. One more time. I am extremely repetitive. And not just on the blog :P

Marshall Goldsmith - Looking for my husband instead? I don't exactly talk about this Mr Goldsmith as much I endure monologues about him :P

Disclaimer: This blog is no longer on the radar. Fancy that sounded. I just mean I THINK you can no longer find it on Google. I THINK I have managed to change the settings correctly. Drop a line if you find out I am wrong.


austere said...

Trying to get my breath back. tears in my eyes wala laughter. Much needed.

But "patna ka afternoon temp"?

DI said...


Oh God! too much!
Be pendi ka lota means what in english - full angrez people on your blog eh? Too cool! Been laughing nonstop, I needed it, after a woeful wednesday!

Chinkurli said...

what's a pendi ka lota anyway? :D

Tamanna Mishra said...

@Austy and DI, glad to be of service.

@Chink.. It is actually bin pendi ka lota. Roughly translated as.. I don't know.. Rolling stone and not in a good way? Someone who has no real loyalty and can change sides as per their convenience. I think. Something like kabhi idhar kabhi udhar, no scruples whatsoever. I once called someone that in one of my rant posts :P

Prateek Sur said...

of other things i wont talk much but i would like to say that u dont have jst 4 loyal readers..count me in too..mayb ur thoughts r so random that i dont get enough to comment every time but i sure do read every time u post any stuff, which u actually call shit, on ur blog!!
try checking out my blog and commenting on my dying to see watever i write from ur eyes and ur following u thus ad hope so some day u would return the favour..

ashkd said...

hehe.. its really clicking post.. seems like someone is totally drunk.. ;-)

Nice blog! :-)

Tamanna Mishra said...

@Prateek, will do :)

@Ashkd, drunk who? You or me? I wasn't, I wrote this in the middle of a weekday, so!

piyu said...

These google search post always lead to gems :)

Especially - inspiration for dangling conversation ?? Peaceful easy feeling clogspot (rotfl)

and really for - How to resolve a domestic squable -leading here?

Start an agony aunt column :P

Tamanna Mishra said...

Oh yes, I think that domestic squabble thing led to one post I wrote about Gulzar and domestic feuds and other such nonsense that I categorize as humour :P

And I know someone who has an agony aunt column. Very loser-like, if you ask me :P I overdid being agony aunt during college days. I am so glad everyone I agony-aunt-ed broke up and are are now in fulfilling relationships with other people. They should kill me for nipping people's first love in the bud. LOL!

ashkd said...

hehe.. it did give the feeling that you were drunk while writing.. or may be it took me high.. :P

Tamanna Mishra said...

:) I almost always "sound" high!