Saturday, July 24, 2010

I believe I can fly...

... But I am not sure if I will be able to touch the sky. The ride is not that high.

In 60 days or so, I shall be zooming around the rain washed streets of Bangalore in my brand new metallic grey Activa! And I already feel liberated! Old readers (meaning me mainly) of this blog would know about my irrational fear of driving four wheelers, especially in this city of mad drivers. They would also remember how much I am capable of justifying public transport, and how I believe more in etiquette training for auto drivers than I do in buying a vehicle. Of course I justified it all by telling myself I was at least eco friendly, if not independent. But I am beginning to realise that switching off extra lights at home is more eco friendly and convenient.

So now that I have taken all the fun out of my big buy with all that explanation, let me go celebrate my Saturday night in the usual manner. Cheers to the new beauty! More when she is delivered, no pun intended :D 60 days, no less!

P.S. If you can do it in Bombay of all places, Bangalore should be a cakewalk. And that is exactly what made me do this. Thank you, girl. You have done your good deed for the year, you have saved a whole lot of auto drivers from dying of deprivation, or whatever it is they die of when one barges out of the auto refusing to pay a penny extra, and the ride ends in a street brawl every other day. R thinks this Activa is going to be the reason for a happier world :D


Anonymous said...


Bike is so much cooler and fun than the four wheelers :)

I am so happy for you girl :D :D

Go paint Bangalore red :P

I share your feelings for the auto-wallas and I am so glad I don't have to argue with them everyday too!

I cannot stop grinning after reading all the praise you've showered on me! Glad to be of help :D

The Restless Quill said...

Whoa! How come I never came to your blog before? I always visit the bloggers who come to mine. I spent an hour on your posts. Your blog is glittering with life. I suspect my new post, though belated, will interest you :)

Chinkurli said...

Having a two-wheeler on Bangalore roads is the best! You're not at the mercy of autodrivers anymore :D You should celebrate this...and well, I've been riding on these streets for about eight years now,not much to worry about. Just zip away :D

DI said...

Two wheelers ROCK! Sigh, I am waiting to move into our new home, and then I get my Activa too :D Yay!
Good for you, have an awesome tome girl!

Preeti said...

Hehe! Enjoy your Two Wheeler freedom! The rest of us in the meantime will continue arguing with Auto wallahs till the end of time..
Lol on the street brawl thing, happens with me every damn day!:D

austere said...

I will, however continue to do the eco-friendly, calorie -friendly thing and walk/ argue...

Please wear a helmet?

Tamanna said...

Thanks all!

@Austy, will wear that helmet pakka :)