Monday, July 26, 2010

Fools rush in..

It is raining disappointment around me. All my plans are crashing around me and the God of luck is laughing in my face.

And yet, I am surprisingly upbeat for most part, if you ignore the denial-anger-acceptance-moving on cycle that is. I am no stranger to disappointment after all. Ironically, I saw 3 Idiots just yesterday. That light at the end of the tunnel. That dark night just before dawn. I am an eternal optimist in the garb of a realist. That is me. That is how it will be.

Fools, they say, rush in where angels fear to tread.


piyu said...

Hang in there dear. Hugs!

DI said...

Happens! That's all I can say :)And yes, this too, shall pass!

austere said...

well. hurts like hell.

and saw 3 i but missed the last part cause it rained. ad the dish conked out.

Tamanna said...

Thanks ladies :)