Monday, January 4, 2010

Ringing in the new year… Finally!

I was on vacation the last 2 weeks. I had been travelling. Amidst many smiles, much conversation, breaking some rules and following many, these holidays made me look back and think long and hard about where I am. The fact that these trips also marked the end of my most favourite year in life made me a tad bit jittery!

All of 2009, I felt blessed. Everywhere I looked… The smiles, the tears, the farewells, the homecomings… The holidays I went on… The laughters, the jokes, the fights… The people I met… Even the ones I lost… And the ones I rediscovered… The new family, the old one… The dreams that were fulfilled… The new job (oh yes, that too!)… The newfound attachments, commitments, and ironical as it may sound, the feeling of liberation that came FROM them and not in spite… The effortless good days… The endless conversations (and monologues, very often ;)) I have been blessed! 2009 was almost like my final deliverance from everything that had gone wrong in life until now – personally and professionally. People who have known me long or well enough know what I mean. 2009 was a year when I realized that it’s true that one can have fun just doing the everyday things, that fun and happiness truly is a state of mind… 2009 was a year when all my confident “I deserve better” lines came to life… From all the years gone by!

I feel sentimental… This was a year, a time that I really didn’t want to let go of! But then again, 2010 comes with its own set of things I am looking forward to. My 3 wishes for 2010 - a little more patience, mostly with myself. A little more general goodness, mostly with people who don’t see it often – the ones I truly love and the ones I don’t love at all (yes, I will not use the word “hate” anymore :P) And just a little more fun – no matter how much you have it, you never really have enough of it!

Let the game begin... :)

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Sur said...

I do agree..happiness IS just a state of mind :)