Friday, November 27, 2009

Randomness, here I come

Every freaking time I start something new, I hope to change just one little thing. Getting personally, emotinally involved. And that too over something trivial. But when you give your heart and soul to something you are doing, it can get frustrating to have road blocks. Imagine me, the foodie that I am known to be, giving up two meals straight to work on something that may not even be of any consequence in the bigger picture. Only to have someone come and tell me that "trivial-er" is more important than trivial. Just so their balance of a certain kind is maintained, as opposed to mine.

I wish.. I wish I wish I wish I could be a tad bit more diplomatic in how I deal with people. I can be, and that's why I love client servicing. But I can't, and maybe at some level don't want to, tolerate morons/ inefficiency. That said, I need anger management classes. NOW. Before it's too late. For my peace of mind, if nothing else.

What a note to end a Friday evening with! But then again, it will take me just 10 minutes before I switch off. At least for the weekend.

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Outreyo said...

:D i can so resonate with what you've said. Sometimes, in the rare occasion that i do get a chance to work with a team which includes an efficient non moron it makes up for all the morons! having a partner in crime to share stuff with and ..the pvt jokes/looks that are exchanged on behalf of the others makes up for it all!!! :D

"A Habbit of having Low expectations can be a blessing" Expecting that things wont work(people wont perform) out doesnt mean that u loose all hope that they will.. it just that when they dont.. its not such a heart break and when they do.. its bliss :D

always hope!! have faith that with perseverance.. and time and luck thing'll work out for the better..

haha its easy to write.. i know :) so tough to do.