Saturday, September 26, 2009

Things to do when the husband decides to watch cricket on a Saturday evening

2. Chat with long lost roomies
3. Chat with sis and have her get u all greedy over food and LCD tv :P
4. Have sis force her food stories on you
5. Have sis tell you she's fed up with your FB status when Ma stayed with you the last whole week, and force more food stories on you
6. Have sis tell you you are just as "gavy" as the Capricorn babe in What's Your Rashee
7. Have sis take all badla in one day
8. Have sis go on and on about her superexciting love life. Sense the sarcasm, behna!!
9. Stare at nothing in particular
10. Read The Bookseller of Kabul and realise after 34 pages that the print is too small for your buddhi aankhein
11. Listen to GMD again. Whatever happened to my love for good lyrics, you ask? THIS is good lyrics.
12. Call pretty much all of your friends
13. CRIB more
14. Think of the next way to irritate the living daylights out of the Cricket(-watching)er patidev
15. Think of the next meal
16. Think of all food, goddamnit!
17. Pretend to yourself that Sunday will be more exciting than having to ignore a cricket match
18. Bitch in your own head about all the pretentious upstarts you have met in life
19. Almost write a blog about them and delete it to be politically correct on the surface
20. Drink. Water.
21. Look at old and new pics
22. Crib some more and realise you are only thought-cribbing and not talk-cribbing
23. Realise the futility of cribbing

A pathetic life stays pathetic for only as long as you let it.



divyanka said...

1. Dance in front of the TV and bug husband.

2. Make his favorite snack and distract him.

3. Sit next to him and chatter incessantly.

4. Google arcane terms related to cricket and ask husband to explain them all one by one in the middle of the match faking a genuine interest in the game. :)

Tamanna said...

Divyanka, sheer brilliance! :D But when the husband is a cricketer and has been called "Jharkhand Express" all his life, nothing works! :(( But the good part is, when the match gets slow, he sleeps off. Leaving the remote free :P