Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Am My Mom

Yes, I am :D

The other day we had called a few friends over for dinner - playing host for the first time, that is. I got home early from work to finish what needed to be done before people started pouring in. Setting up the glasses and the bottles (Yes, ma used to do that too :D ) in the kitchen, the table, the furniture so that everyone could sit comfortably, and ordering drinks and food... The works. And finally, as if to pat my back for what I thought was "real achievement", I turned and looked around the house. And I saw the home back in Patna I had grown up in. My house, very different from the one in Patna, both in size and design, looked just like like it inspite of the differences! Yes, after many years of labelling myself as "absolutely unmarriageable", I have begun to realise that I have grown up to be a lot like Ma. And umarriageable is the last thing she is! The baigan ka sabzi, the tehri, the daal, the egg curry, even the customized Maggi - they all taste almost as good as Mom's food. The house we live in has begun to show signs of a place that I entirely belong to - because I have grown up in a home that looked like that (and yet didn't). And that sure is an achievement!

I had written on one of my old blogs that if I become half as good as Mom and half as good as Dad, I will be complete. Now to reach Dad's level of honesty in terms of work, and managing to throw a party without having to order food from outside, learning to make rice for 15 people, and "managing people" the way Ma does - I will be complete. I am getting there. I can feel it in me :)

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Neha said...

We capricorns are built that rock in any situation ;) So proud of you. Muah.