Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yesterday was my first day of orientation at the new workplace. So me, being me (and my husband, being a Tilayyian - the same militrary school because of which Dad used to force us out of the house 4 hours before the ETD of any flight/ train we ever took in life!), I reached earrrrly!

All the new joinees of this company, including BPO kids, have their orientation together every month. So I sat in the lounge and was soon joined by a bunch of call centre bachchas at the same table. And then I saw a few Uncle type people on another table in the hotel's lounge and I thought to myself "I belong THERE - with a few uncles and aunties at some other table.

And then while filling up a form, a kid next to me noticed that I was married. And she screeched in her cute, albeit slightly irritating voice, "YOU ARE MARRIED??? YOU DON'T LOOK MARRIED AT ALL... YOU LOOK SOOOO YOUNG" and then went on to ramble how I looked with maybe a couple of years of experience but very young.

Ah the pleasures of being young "again". Meri twachaa se meri umar ka pata hi nahii chalta... Santoor... Santoor! :P

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srivashist said...

To lie is one thing but to lie in a manner which makes one roll on the floor laughing is somethin!!!