Thursday, July 30, 2009

The previous post doesn't hold anymore. Neha Thakur - I love you. Still. You will occupy all my supremely romantic thoughts for the rest of my life - rains, sutta breaks, adrak ki chai, biryani, long walks, beaches, Ghalib, Tum Se Hi - all of them.

On an aside, it's amazing, the kind of connections you find and break, and find again through the course of your life. Some people find a place in your world to make you feel good about yourself on a bad day. Every single day. Thakur is one of them. Never thought someone I know from work could be such a fab friend to me. But then, she's fun, she's talkative, and she's a die hard eccentric. How could we not bond?

Thanks Thakur Saab.



Neha said...


How come I bloody missed this post!?! How could you not send me a link?? I dont believe this!

And you've written this 2 months back?? Damn you! And what last post...bout the spineless...charactless people...ha ha ha...I completely agree with you there...!

I love you ya Tamandar! At least now I know our feelings are mutual..;)

Tamanna said...

haha!! yeah we have a LOT to catch up on. still :)

u've no idea what allll realisations i've had in the last 1 year. about some of my "bestest" friends. LOL! come to bangalore. we'll catch up on all of this over a cup of chai and random sutta breaks. u'll love the balcony n the terrace, trust me :)