Friday, June 5, 2009

The house is overflowing for most part. The festivities have begun. I can't even begin to explain what I am feeling right now. What all I am feeling right now. Enthusiasm, anxiety, excitement, nervousness, vanity, affection, happiness, blues (it's not easy to leave behind absolute lack of responsibity and the habit of coming back home to ma, dad, and piping hot readymade food every night)... To name a few.

Every Friday I tell myself, 2 days and then back to same old kaam dhandha. This Friday I am telling myself - two more days and wow I am going to be married. And things will be anything but "same old".

When I woke up to hungama at home this morning, I thought to myself that it's funny all of this really began on a rather quiet Sunday afternoon with my folks and I spending quality time together... The details of which are know only to Ze Famille.

I am pretty much done with the basic logistics - clothes, packing, visits to the parlour. The rest has been taken care of by people around me. And yet I feel there is something amiss. Is this what they call cold feet?

Watch this space. I will be back. After I break on through to the other side, due apologies Mr Morrisson :)

Edited to add - I just got an sms. All the "leaving behind lack of responsibility" is so going to be worth it. That, I know. It's been quite a ride, really. A very enjoyable one. My fears have just been replaced by even more hope. For a life I always imagined for myself. Wish me luck! :)

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