Friday, May 1, 2009

It's been a crazy few weeks. I have never shopped like this in my entire life. First there's manic shopping, then there is manic stitching. LOL! Had just so, so many realisations and unstructured thoughts that trying to get them into one structured piece of decent writing is next to impossible. So I will just go with the flow...

... I am jobless and surprisingly upbeat about it. It seems like a nice opportunity to do/ learn a lot of things that my manic work schedule and Bombay life and low stamina didn't let me. E.g. learn how to make the perfect Biryani or do the surya pranaam perfectly every morning. These were on my wishlist on one of my blogs some time ago, and I am almost there :) In addition, my next job too I will be sure of liking. Don't want to rush it. Not like I did it the last time either. I guess the day I decided to not have anything to do with what I studied in college, it was time to be upbeat about work... Jobless or otherwise :P

... Somewhere down the line, I forgot the concept of a "career"... It's more like doing an odd job that's lots of fun and pays decent money. All it takes is conviction. I like it this way :)

... Bright clothes aren't necessarily stupid. The things I have bought in the last few weeks, I couldn't have dreamt of owning some time back. Like that golden lehenga from Chandani Chowk or that extremely weird jewellery... Or that one terribly embellished saree with patterns of parrot green, sunlight yellow, and blood red. And guess what, I am actually looking forward to wear all that ;)

... "Basic +" cooking is neither difficult nor boring. If one does it completely independently.

... Delhi is awesome for wedding shopping.

... Not too many people have a better sense of traditional fashion than moms.

... Yoga and running are the only interesting ways to lose weight. The claustrophobic gym and eating like a chidiya are not.

... I have been comfortable in my own skin for quite some time now. Gone are the days...

... I can be terribly judgemental if I am directly subjected to things that I am judgemental about. LOL! Confused? :P

... They may say that a friend in need is a friend indeed. But it no longer makes sense to me. Everyone likes to show sympathy/ give gyaan/ or generally be on your side when you are down and out. But those friends that are happy for you when you get used to being happy, either in spite or because of the way things are, are the only ones worth keeping.

... People's negativity is generally a direct outcome of their own minus points/ insecurities. But that doesn't mean I have to take it. I don't.

... I had a major "chalta hai" attitude until maybe 2 years back. Now I am a maniac and I think it's not very easy to work for/ with me. Especially if I am entrusted with the responsibility of bringing up little children at the workplace.

... Even otherwise, I am now a little difficult to work for/ with. Ask the card printer guy and the tailors across Bombay... But then again, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do :P

... R has unbelievable patiece with me and the amount of cribbing I am capable of. But every time he starts cribbing about crowded roads while driving, or mosquitoes, or recession hitting Ethiopia (LOL) during one of those phone conversations, I realise I have enough patience too. Or maybe it's just his way to keep me from cribbing. I guess that's what equal relationships are all about ;)

... There's a strange kind of contrast in my world these days. At home, there's always major hungama... My mom has turned into a 24x7 Munshi Ji and carries a list of things/ names and a pen with her almost constantly. The phone rings almost all the time... And there is generally a lot of converstaion happening around me all the time. At the same time, there's a lull otherwise. IPL is boring and rainy, any public place I I have been to in the last month and a half - malls, restaurants, pubs - they are almost deserted. There are NO new hindi movie releases. There's something that's not totally right with the world right now. I don't know for sure if this feeling is only metaphorical. I don't know how to describe what I am saying so that someone reading this understands. But for a change, it's ok.

I am off to my hometown in a week's time. I am pretty much done with shopping and stitching. LOL! It is soon going to be time for supreme pampering inside the house and Patna ki garmi outside and I am looking forward to it. What better way to prepare for a life-changing event than a place as laid back as Patna. There's a lot of travelling in the next couple of months... Patna, Ranchi, Konki, Delhi, Leh, Nubra, Manali, Bangalore, Bombay, and back to Bangalore again. It's going to be a crazier 2 months. I will see you on the other side I guess. The other side of this one 26 year long phase of life :)