Sunday, February 5, 2012

When all I really have to say can be summed up in the first paragraph

Almost 30, wondering why I have accomplished only 3 (or 4 - can't say!) out of the 10 things I wanted to before turning 30, unemployed, car-less, house help-less, striving to be self sufficient (and not sure how I am faring), don't quite get the language, the roads, and the food of the place that is supposed to be home, unsettled and in moving limbo that just doesn't get over, and surprisingly upbeat about/ in spite of all this. I am not sure if I should be glad or worried about my happiness!

Oh and by the way, I am going to Thailand next weekend :D If that is the reason for my unreasonable happiness, then it is actually quite reasonable, don't you think? Two countries (cities, rather) in two months is mean feat! And one of them is all about sea and beer - yay! Life has weird, warped ways of giving you time out when you need it. And I can't not be thankful. I was supposed to Goa the same weekend. But I guess Krabi will do for now. 

I have been getting around a bit now. And no, I still haven't gone to KLCC. R's explanation actually makes sense to me - the view of the towers from KLCC will not be as good as it is from home. We don't even have to crane our necks to see the building. I did go to Chinatown though. And no, I am not impressed. Cheap knock offs are just that. Cheap knock offs. Not quite my idea of budget shopping. But well, the sights and sounds, the old buildings around, and Central Market are enough to make the trip worth it. I went on a clicking frenzy, although I will not upload all the pics here. A trip to Central Market again is due, this time with the better camera. As for Petaling Street, let's just say that one walk through the street was enough to satisfy my touristy enthusiasm. I don't think I am up for it again.

A street full of cheap knock offs. Toted as a bargain hunter's paradise. I think not.

But I still went ahead and got myself that Bob Marley tee I have been lusting after for so many years.

Some random building between Petaling Street and Central Market

Wonder why have run out of Facebook and Twitter chappals. I should have moved before Angry Birds became the next big thing.

Our ride of choice these days - the LRT. It brings back memories of Bombay locals. Just  the happy ones.
I am still around, but apart from this whole moving and getting around bit, I don't seem to have a lot to say. I am getting repetitive, because this is obviously not just one of my trips. This is quite big, so bear with me!

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The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Great you're getting around on your own a lot. But pliss to go to KLCC and more importantly to the Petronas Towers air-bridge.. the view is a photog's wet dream from up there - go towards the closing hours.. less crowded and you see the city all lit up. And you LIVE bad! you should go both in the day and the evening!! :) Don't say I didn't tell you :D