Thursday, January 19, 2012


It rained here yesterday. After 2 days of pining for the famed rains of KL, I saw the clouds break in the distance.A little after rains, the weather got almost Bangalore-ish - cool, breezy, and it spoke of freedom. Here is a moment that I have stored away safely in recesses of my memory for reference when things get more routine and monotonous.

I noticed the vast expanse of green outside the study window..

The gurudwara on one side..

And a train station on another.

Concrete everywhere my eyes could see, and green hills and mint fresh clouds beyond. A contrast that I had only experienced in Bombay before. It was all there - everything that I need to make a life here - some green, some breeze, some "outside", some concrete, some faith. Eagles crooned, very aptly, Peaceful, Easy Feeling (how is that for coincidence?) on the speakers and yet, I could hear the birds chirp, and in that moment, with a song in my heart and some wide eyed wonder, I realized I was happy. And I was home. Already!

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