Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ek glassi, do glassi..

Yesterday, I got up too early for a Saturday morning, got dressed, went out, and found the best fitting jeans of my life in Commercial Street. No more ill fitted jeans. A friend once told me that she doesn't know how I find so much happiness in buying a pair of earrings from Linking Road. If a pair of earrings that I know I wouldn't wear can give me so much happiness, you can imagine just how happy I am about the jeans.

Fellow traveler (I think I am going to call R that on the blog now. It is just so much cooler) also bought yet another gift for my birthday during our Commercial Street sojourn. I love gifts, but I love looking forward to them so much more.

I had grown up quite a bit in the last few years, and I usually celebrated things like new jeans and new years in a quiet way. In the middle of nowhere on an island beach without the usual jingoism that parties are prone to, in a balcony with a friend or the friend, or in the way of cult rock stars, in Purple Haze. It had been a while since we partied. And when I say party, I mean dancing like there is no tomorrow, with all my youthful lameness and enthusiasm, sloshed, loud, and on top of the world. So last night, I wore my dancing shoes, and braved a long auto ride and 17 kms of the Bangalore traffic that I had heard so much about but never really experienced in such detail, to party. And party I did. I had that moment of awesomeness when you expect angrezi music to rock your night and suddenly the DJ, in a move of unbelievable benevolence, switches to Aahun aahun aahun and Chhamak Chhallo. All said and done, if it's a new year party, it has to be the quintessential "Bollywood mix". There is nothing more fun than that. Ek glassi, do glassi, teen glassi, chaar.

It was a pretty cool way to end the year and bring in a new phase, heady, crazy, loud, and pretty cool. It had been a while. Here's to going back to being young, inexperienced, experimental, and more open this new year. Cheers!

On to the birthday now, ladies and gentlemen!

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Alcina said...

Naice..i liked your descriptions..and trust me when the thing which catches your heart like nothing else is always loads of thats what your jeans and earings do!

Happy new year 2012..
I like this name quite a lot so hoped on to your blog ^_^

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