Saturday, December 24, 2011

Crystal clear Christmas cheer

As it turns out, my Santa actually reads this blog and listens to the things I say. Considering how much I ramble in writing and in person, this is a miracle.

So ladies and gentlemen, on the eve of Christmas, I have already got my birthday gift. A sexy camera has been on my wishlist for quite some time now, along with that 26 inch waist and a calm demeanor. But I wasn't really sure if I needed (any of) it because I am not a photographer (or a waist and demeanor enthusiast). It is a material possession, yes. I am writing the kind of stuff that I usually snigger at. I may learn how to really use it, or I might turn out to be the Goddess of auto mode. I don't know yet. But I do know that memories will look different now, and that is an exciting prospect. 

It is only fair that my first pictures make their way here, so that 5 years (or weeks) from now, I can come back, realize how much I have learned, decide that I do have a higher calling, give up my (dreams of an) awesomely lucrative and fun job in Malaysia, and become a wedding photographer. Na, not going to happen. The world does not need anymore photographers. But happiness in small, 4 MB doses, and a new skill in the new year? Why not, I say!

Ye galiyaan..

Material possessions should some times be celebrated. Give up car in the morning, get a camera in the evening.. That sort of thing.


Sinduja said...

Photography can be a very therapeutic art Tamanna. Great note to start your new journey on! Good luck! :)

Tamanna said...

Then I hope I get better at it :)