Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This is it!

This day last year was my first day in public relations. And here I am, one year old in the industry, and what a joyride this has been! From stuff that took me weeks to understand to realizing that sometimes a "story" is not all it takes. From demanding clients (and for some of them, challenging is an understatement) to the media's own, sometimes unpredictable, trips. From pre-event panic attacks to some wonderful, wonderful emails. From pitches to quarter presentations. From calculating and comparing SOVs in the last job to finally "getting and creating" them. And the people, oh the different kind of people that I met in the last one year. I might just be a "people's person" and it might just be more than interview pfaff after all, if it is people that makes this profession exciting for me. Whatay bloody joyride! And I say this in all seriousness.

My journey to PR was full of wrong turns. Engineering, market research, analytics, and customer experience. SME, MNC, and a start up. So many wrong turns that somehow add up now. This is what I should have been doing all my life. But it took me a crisis and a LOT of boredom in both of my Bangalore jobs to realize this.

I never thought I'd ever say this about a job, because I had convinced myself that all I was looking for was fun and money, but I think a career is what I am after, finally. This was long overdue. I am here to stay. Yay!



S said...

Really glad to know that you have found your true 'calling' :) M still in the process of figuring out..

Hope you have many more awesome yearsssssss.. Take care :)

Tamanna said...

S, remember Baz Luhrmann's "some of the most interesting people I know don't know at 40 what they want to do with their lives"? I took it too seriously and tried my hand at a whole lot of things. Believe me this is the best way to find what you want to do, because you know it is not by chance that things happened and you had a choice in making something your calling unlike the usual BE-Infy-MBA-Citibank route.. Know what I mean?). So hang in there babe! You are a smart girl, I am sure I don't need to tell you this.

Hope things are working out well for you.


Moonshine said...

Well most people throughout their life do not know if they are on the right career path!

I too still dont know!! You do seem to have taken risks , you are quite courageous. I am, most of the times, scared to take the leap!

Great to know at least someone has found their true calling!! :)

austere said...


Swati said...

I am really happy for u!
I Have 'almost' convinced myself that I am looking for fun and money!huh!
Not hopeless though...maybe i will find my true calling after all!!

I am glad though that the risks you took paid off!!! :)
All the Best!!