Thursday, May 12, 2011

थोडा सा आसमा

Just this morning, sick of the dry heat and no rain, I left my umbrella at home. Also because Bangalore was at its driest worst ever since I started carrying it to office everyday. If you have known me long enough, you would know I am Mr Murphy's most loved child. The minute I stepped out of office this evening, it started raining. Like. Hell. The auto drivers of course either refused to go my way or charged me 80 bucks for a ride worth 20. I think I made it quite clear last year that I am not extremely benevolent towards auto drivers of Bangalore. So I did what I think I do best. My own thing. I walked in the rain. And I got drenched. And loved every bit of it.

Why am I writing all this here? Because of late this has been on my mind a lot. I think I am low maintenance (I swear I want to call it fancy free but it sounds conceited). Either that or retarded. There is only one thing I love more than street food, sleeper class trains, and rain - eating street food inside a sleeper class train on a rainy night. It helps if the train is not too crowded and doesn't stop anywhere for passengers to walk in with wet shoes, and my seat is far, far away from both the loos on the two ends of the compartment. But even if the setting is not perfect, I don't care much. I love sleeper class that much.

I am all of this and ambitious. That is the biggest paradox of my life. I am not complaining. Even with all the money in the world, happiness is in the small things. A walk in the rain. Some samosa on the roadside. Budget travel. Shopping in Commercial Street. An old forgotten song. The best things in life are free. Like hugs and kisses. And waiting for Ma to make an appearance at the airport. Ghar ka khana. Madhatter company. A moment of silence on a mad, mad day.

I am glad I have retained some of what I called "youthful lameness" just this morning - it makes my world more beautiful. More fancy free and mad. In a really nice way.

P.S. If you are planning to ask me about my grand announcement of going to office on the Activa I got a few months ago, please don't. I need to deal with auto drivers only on my way back and that's good enough for me. I don't think I will ever drive anything on Bangalore roads.


Anonymous said...

The autp chap charged me 70 bucks today for a distance of about 40 bucks!!!!!!And another set of people 120 bucks for what should cost 30!!! Its terrible. Earlier I used to stomp off and walk home in the rains.. but now its a bit too far.

Nothing can beat the joy of first rains ever!!!! A nice adrak tea in a kullarh at the station during rains.. awesome!!!!!

Tulika Verma said...

About the activa, nice decision. The roads here are like video games, just that you don't have multiple 'lives'. Enjoyed the post :) It did rain like crazy last evening and it was so pretty, a perfect Friday evening! :)

Moonshine said...

I did leave a comment on your post and its gone!!!!!!

I was lamenting on the state of autos in Blore.. the same day you wrote, they charged me 70 bucks for a distance of 40!!! And someone else 120 for a distance of 30!! There is no logic to this I tell you!!! Earlier I used to walk home in a huff.. though now I stay slightly further away to be able to do so!!!

Love the first rains.. nothing like having tea in a kullar during rains!!!!