Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Get off your bloody high horse

So I am pretty pissed off with a blogger and her high horse, and since she has decided to shut comments for another slimey blog post she wrote (she claims it's the lack of time, I say it is because she doesn't have anymore illogical answers to the questions her readers put up there, because hello she did have the time to ramble on in a giant blog post, or copy paste or whatever), I am going to put down everything here.

A few days back Mad Momma decided that she did not like cricket and that everyone who did was rabid because they celebrated, racist because they found Lanka Dahan funny. And I used "shut up and get lost" in my comment, not directed at her. Directed rather, at people who will be sweet to you on your FB and won't open their mouths/ unfriend/ block if they disagree but will complain their lungs out everywhere else. If I am wrong in wanting to shut such hypocrites, so be it. It is quite alright for people to have a paragraph full of extremely rude questions, but if you are rude upfront, they will quickly get on to that high horse and start harping about YOUR rudeness. So it turns out, MM is quite the hypocrite. Especially since her blog posts have statements like North (or North Indians) is violent. There is more to North than the violent fucks she meets on Gurgaon roads for god's sake. And that statement is not racist of course. A silly Lanka Dahan event on FB is. And then she harps on about how social networking is not the end all of existence in her reply to my comment.

I am not sure how a bunch of people who enjoy cricket once in 4 years (or 2 or 1) is doing anything against the economy. Even drunk revellers. Who the fuck is the moral police here and who the fuck decided that anybody needed moral policing? If you are bringing up molesters here, I'd agree with you if there were no other cases of molestation on other days. Are you suggesting men and women stop getting out of the house because one may molest the other? Isn't that as prehistoric as believing women should not go clubbing or wear what they want to? Or is it just about a convenient example that you can use when everything else fails? I will let you decide. I want to ask people who screamed hoarse at the revellers, drunk or otherwise, if there is anything at all they are doing to help the country? Are they even paying their taxes honestly or claiming HRA on fake bills? I have really had enough of these online activists who seem to believe that they can make a difference by sitting in judgement of everyone whose philosophy in life is in any way different from what they believe. Or is it just the amount of time they have on their hands that makes them so fucking obsessive about wanting things their way? Really man, get out of the house, pay your taxes, then you may be doing something for the economy and the country. Running a blog is as much community service as smoking beedi and talking on the phone during border duty (I know I can come up with a better analogy but what the fuck.)

If people decide they will not interact with MM on her blog for whatever reason, apparently they are self righteous. So then do what? Just agree with you over and over in the name of "interacting"? And it is not self righteous to go on preaching the whole world and be rude to everyone who disagrees? She is just a goddamned blogger for god's sake. And if she is entitled to her opinion and her language, so is everyone else. She's a mom alright. Only not MY MOM!

Honestly, she's got 1 million readers. Some of us rude, immature fucktards not interacting with her on her blog should not bother her man. Unless she has all the fucking time in the world to think about us and our self righteousness. It's been a long, long time since her obsessive anti-cricket post. We don't miss her (although I have to agree that I liked reading her and do drop by still I am not dying to interact with her like I used to) and maybe it is time she lets it go instead of bringing up some of us who marched out in every other comment or post. If I were her, I would not take my kids to the mall or let them watch TV all day alright, but the first thing I'd teach them is making space for (if not respect) others' opinion. And not let online "celebrity status" get to their heads so much that they start sounding extremely rude, foolish, unreasonable, and so bloody full of themselves and that it begins to sound like they really don't have a life off their blog. Really!

P.S. I am not going to do any typo check here because I don't have the patience for it right now. And I am going to give MM something to feel good about too. "Hey her grammar/spelling is fucked up. I am awesome." That sort of thing, you know?

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Sam said...

Hey,I came across your space a while ago and have been reading it but never commented, until now. I just couldn't resist this one as I too happen to know some "famous" bloggers who have that umphh attitude, who just go ranting about themselves and who've created the space not for themselevs but for others to read and I hate that.
Anyways, hope you are feeling better now.