Thursday, April 28, 2011

And then, it rained

I am running out of wide eyed wonder and small happiness. I wonder if it is age or the desperate need to go where the streets have no name.

Even a place where everybody knows my name would do. I want Bombay, its people, and its energy around me RIGHT NOW.

I want to wrap Bombay around myself and take it with me wherever I go.

I am "homesick".

I was not so incapable of being nice in Bombay. Never told an auto driver what a chutiya he was. Even after a 1 hr commute. Coz they weren't.

I even miss the auto drivers of Bombay. That's how much I miss that city.

With all its rain and trees and slow pace, it's just not Bombay. How can I EVER forget that. Rains don't last, friends do.

"We’re just a bunch of punchline peddlers hoping to run away from our inner voices." Well said @gkhamba. This holds true not only for comics

@asashutosh the weather's nice?

@asashutosh not outside my window yet.. gotta give it another hour.

@asashutosh iss migrain mein beer day manaya toh death anniversary bhi aaj hi manegi :P i just want to go home, have some chai, and sleep!

And then, it rained.

After a day of existential angst and migraine, it rains. God, you are somewhere up there and you are a good man.


Sumira Khan said...

I feel your pain. I lived in Bangalore for over 4 years and missed Mumbai at every step of those idli (and NOT vada pav) lined roads. But those evening rains always washed the blues away. Enjoy maadi while we blister and boil in Mumbai.

Scarlett said...

I miss Bombay just as much. And you're right...even the taxi/auto drivers of Bombay are nice. And driving/walking down Bandstand on a rainy day is just what one needs to lift one's spirit.