Sunday, January 30, 2011

Taking a risk

Taking a cue from @surekhapillai, I have decided to list down my various feats through school and college-

8/100 for two consecutive terms - Engineering Graphics. Any more details on this subject and you and I would be both be embarrassed.

1/10 many times over in History - still not sure what got me that lone mark.

3.5/10 many times over in Geography - 4 would have respectable for me in a social science subject. But the teacher hated me and I magically missed the pass mark term after term.

No marks in map work. Ever. I once even marked New Delhi in Madhya Pradesh. My logic was that the capital has to be in the center of the map.. Err.. Country.

And I once got 4/5 in a question about Telex. I had written two pages on telephone exchange.

I passed Principle of Communications Engineering with only huge diagrams and two unrelated sentences. In all 6 compulsory questions.

And a hat trick in 3 engineering math papers - 40 each in 1, 2, and 3.

By the way, my geography happens to be better than most people I know. I wonder what school/ college taught me. How to have fun? You bet!

Disclaimer: If anyone googles for me before a job interview and decides to reject me on the basis of this post, think again. I didn't turn out so bad eventually.


Rajlakshmi said...

ROFL ... we all have our set of amazing scores :D

Soma said...

and all the while i was thinking. why risk telling the world.. thanks for the disclaimer :D
hey i guess i have worse things to talk about.. only i have forgotten all of them.. talk about convenience :p

Sur said...

he he..I got my own list of engineering glory :P And capital in the centre of the map :D :D ditto!

Searcher said...

My typical responses in history papers used to read like this:

"A little known freedom fighter (whatsisname?) from north India (wheresisname?), the power centre of British India (umm..throw in irrelevant details to distract from the above evasions), fought in a pitched battle (what other kinds are there?) against british troops that had him surrounded (didn't they always?) which finally led to his death (didn't it always?).


I write fiction these days. Who says school doesn't teach you anything? :D

Tamanna said...

Rajlakshmi, haven't we? Thank God for that :D

Soma, not worse bete, better. That is the point of this post!

Suravi, poooooh! :P What's your feat? No distinction in one year Ok don't tell me.. I dont want to get depressed so early in the morning :P :P No but seriously, I wonder what happened to me when I stepped out of school! I guess I had started showing signs way before that though.. Class 12 to be precise. With my first red ink ever.. In chemistry preboards :P

Searcher, :D :D I know!! History was one horrible subject that I now like.. I hunt for books and read them all.. And school did nothing for me to get even a tad bit interested in the subject. Heh! And fiction writer whooaa? Have I read anything you've writte? Mail me!!