Sunday, January 9, 2011

On getting old

Because I am shamelessly excited about getting old :D

Why be scared of getting old? I am loving every bit of it. With age, the things I have come to realise are more important to me that the number of candles on my cake. Like what family means. What freedom means. How important my financial independence and emotional dependence are to me. And how I don't want to give up on either. Ever. How much I love, dream of, and want children. My real friends. My real dreams. How life changes, and how that is the best thing about living. About bad times and good. And cliched as it may sound, how much both are important to me. My complete, unadulterated love for insouciance and the lack of it. About contradictions. About real love.

Now to just learn one thing. Saying the right things at the right time. And to always remember the other. That I may not agree with a lot of things people do in circumstances that neither of us controls, and that I have a strong opinion about a lot of unimportant things that make no difference to my life whatsoever, but to stay that way and still not be opinionated, to disagree without being mean. Then I will be a woman, my son.

On that note, I can safely say that I just had The Best Birthday Ever. Because not only did R learn the art and science of surprise birthday plans and managed it like a dream this time (and yes, I LOVE surprises - always have, always want to), I also spent this birthday only with people I love. Virtually and otherwise. Getting old does not seem bad at all!


S said...

Heyyyyyyyyyy... Happppy birthday Tamannnnnna :) The cake looks prettty and yummylicious !!!
A well managed *surprise* is a great beginning to the new year, i say :)
all my wishes for the new year, tc!

tanvi said... we age, we add the infinite days of experience of life...wisdom has its unique sheen which cannot be compared with pink of youthfulness..btw belated happy birthday..

Preeti said...

Belated wishes for a happy birthday! :)
Turning old isn't all that bad. Rama Bijapurkar, my MOST favorite columnist chose to write on the same topic last week, and what a delightful read it was. Leaving a link here, hope you enjoy it!

DI said...

Turning older I think is awesome, especially when you look back and see that things have only changed for the better :D
Happie Happie birthday once again!

Scarlett said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Not to burst your bubble, but wait till you turn 30...we'll see if you're as excited about getting older then :)

Sur said...

Financial independence and emotional dependence :) Loved the post :)

Rajlakshmi said...

belated wishes!!!!!!!11 :D
wish you lot of happpiness and good fortune :D

Arunima said...

belated wishes!

so, we are jan babies then. Mine was simple and sweet. joined back work on my birthday and the team welcomed me back with a cake:-)

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

This is coming way too late.. but belated wishes. Hope the year is the best ever too :)

Tamanna said...

S, thankkooooo kiddo! :D

Tanvi, thank you.. And well said :)

Preeti, loved the article and don't get me wrong, but I am not that old. And yet, childless heaven it is for now :D Thanks for the wish, babe!

Scarlett, thank you. And naah. I don't really have a turning 30 issue. And believe me I am not too far from 30. You would know, if you counted the number of years between us back in school :D Which batch are you from?

Sur, dhanyawaad rahega.

Rajlakshmi and TSAS, thanks you ladies!

Arunima, belated birthday wishes to you too!

Enjoy Your Life More said...

I love your blog. It is so refreshing. I wrote a bit of view on getting old myself. I'd love to know your opinion (if you feel like it lol).
Happy Birthday!