Saturday, January 22, 2011

On Dhobi Ghat. On Rajeev Masand. On Bombay

"Also, Munna is a dhobi, who works nights as a rat-catcher; at one point it’s even insinuated that he’s sleeping with a housewife possibly for cash. Is there any job this guy doesn’t do? And yet he’s available on call to provide tourist-guide services to Shai." Why not, I want to ask Rajeev Masand. Dude, have you even been to Bombay? Next time, meet the man who drives my parents around on weekends. You will know how many jobs Mumbaikars are capable of doing in one lifetime. If anything, I am more excited about Dhobi Ghat now. Chew on it, Rajeev Masand.

Image courtesy: Not me.

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Scarlett said...

Watch, watch. It's worth it. Though Rao could've done without the sleeping-with-a-bored-housewife-for-cash insinuation. She never follows up on it anyway. Rajiv Masand - or any other critic for that matter - have to justify their profession.