Thursday, December 23, 2010

The clichéd year end post

It's been a good year for, bad days
Or a bad year for, good days
Well here we go again now, here we go again now 

2010. What a year this was! Calling it a roller coaster would be an understatement. The good thing is, if I had to live it one more time, there is nothing I would do or want any different. What I have learned in 2010 - That I CANNOT and should not generalize. That people are generally not perfect. That there are the losers, there are the winners. And somewhere in between, battling with auto fares, onion prices, boring evenings, disgusting relatives, overworked afternoons, and occasionally, the husband, is me. That if I can walk out of dicey situations, work or otherwise, unscathed, my dignity in tact, temper in control, and having learned either how to be or not to be, I will be a happier person. And I have and I am. And I am still learning to get better at this. That no matter how much I love or hate, enjoy or despise my work, the home with orange walls and the man with bad jokes are all that will ever matter. That I choose to obsess over situations not under my control and I don't exactly want to change that about myself, except maybe toning down the obsession a bit. What would really help though is to cut off when I am done obsessing for the day, weekday or weekend if you know what I mean, and then start afresh.

But 2010 was not all bad. Or tough. How can it be because like I just said, all that really matters is the man, the house, the forever rockstar family, and the few good people who come by and make all the difference? When there are those friends with whom a 5 line IM conversation, a 45 minute non stop blabber, or a 15 sms  long exchange makes all the difference. When there has been more laughter and more easy, comfortable love than I could even ask for. When all the hits and misses of the last year, the last 25 years in fact, brought me here. And trust me, it is a good, happy place to be in, in every way I can think of. So yes, it's been a good year :-) (And this is the point where I rush to touch the nearest piece of wood or wooden furniture I can find. Yes, that good!)

On that note, I will happily spend the next 7 days before my much deserved, much awaited, and almost life changing weekend away. Some sun and sand and beer will do me us, a lot of good. And 2011 is going to be more disciplined, more relaxed, and happier. I will make sure of that. Because all that really matters is that unadulterated happiness that comes from within. The house with orange walls.

Like someone's new year wish from this morning, may the new year be full of many good stories. See you on the other side of the decade.

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DI said...

Happy New Year hai ji :)