Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ah life!

When your weekend plans depend on whether or not a Saturday is better for a hangover than a Sunday.
When you think you should order some salad with that loaded pizza you are ordering in for dinner.
When you are pretty sure you are the oldest people in a yuppie nearby pub.
When you drift into your peaceful zzzz's even as Matthew McConaughey does his antics on TV, charming smile and all.
When an endless Sunday afternoon nap actually makes you feel good.
You should know you are getting older old.

When Sunday nights don't seem half as bad as they used to only 2 months ago.
When there is always something to look forward to even at work.
When you breeze through your days at work, in an industry that seems to otherwise survive on chaos and madness.
You should know you have probably found where you belong.

Whoever said age is a bad thing? Smug smile and all.

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piyu said...

Congrats once again on the job babe! It must be an awesome feeling

Nuttie Natters said...

i think i hate u for looking forward to something at work!

And Sunday Nappsss Ahhhhh bliss bliss

austere said...

psst... now what exactly do you do?

DI said...

Touchwood for you :)

Now pray that something as awesome happens for me at work too. Please, please, please.