Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Aalam, Aalam, Aalam

A day that starts and ends with Kandisa can never go wrong.


The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Ooh, yes, it absolutely cannot... love that song. Though I understand none of it, I can totally sing along and love it all the same :D

Stuck in my head since morning: Nickelback's Rockstar. Specially the lines "We'll hang out in the coolest bars; In the VIP with the movie stars.." Don't ask!

Tamanna said...

I sent you the conceptual translation on mail :P

And I don't blame you, Rockstar is quite the stick-in-one's-head song.. I will go listen to it right now.

Preeti said...

Oh my God! You like Indian Ocean? I love 'em too! Kandisa is a rockstar of a song! They once performed on our campus and believe me, it was an experience of a lifetime! You could just close your eyes and sway! Have you heard Melancholic Ecstasy? From Desert Rain? It's just FAB! No lyrics, but what music.
Oh and you know, someone discussed Rockstar above, I was thinking of posting the whole lyrics of that song on my Blog yesterday because I was bored and depressed! :D

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Thanks for the translation.. very interesting. You know, all these years, I had my own imagination telling me Kandisa is a girl's name (!) and that this is a romantic song! :D

Chinkurli said...

Love this song. I had a huge crush on their cute drummer back in college :D

Tamanna said...

@Preeti, saw them during my college days in Pune.. In a live concert. Until then I only knew their most popular numbers - Bandeh and Kandisa. But those guys are such rockstars man!!

@TSAS, I don't blame you. They sing it with the sincerity of being in love ;)

@Chink, me too!!