Saturday, August 14, 2010

Notes to myself - II

There is a very thin line between passion and obsession. Passion makes you complete, obsession only fills the incompleteness.

There is a very thin line between having an opinion and being opinionated, being able to speak your mind and being rude, being able to give it back and being mean, being responsible and being a control freak. There is a very thin line between confident and cocky, having an interesting alternative and knowing how to put it across, and always wanting your way. Between being self assured and hating feedback.

This lesson is best learned when you see a reflection of yourself or how you might turn out in 3 years or 30. All its takes is a little control. And maybe an iota of intelligence. Will I turn over a new leaf from the lessons I have learned from others' mistakes in the last week? I think I will. We will just have to wait and watch!

On a related note, when Ma said Facebook was going to be reason for social disaster, I should have taken her word for it. It takes all kinds. And moms are generally right!

And now on an unrelated note, weekend is here. And I no longer care :P I rhymed, didn't I?

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