Friday, July 30, 2010

This and that

It is Friday, but I am as happy as I was yesterday because I haven't ventured out of the house in the last couple of days. I have been home, I have been enjoying the weather. And gallons of chai. Adrak ki chai. Right now I have a sudden urge to ramble, and that is exactly what I am going to do.

I generally don't react to ANY news on TV. Like Vir Sanghvi puts it, such is the predictability of current events that reporters can sit at home and write stories. But this news had me seething. And I am not just angry about the comment the extremely dumb Bethany principal has made on underprivileged children, but what infuriates me even more is that this very shady looking, downright DUMB man is let loose to shape the future of our country. I know that most public schools are elitist, and a lot of them would be thinking just like this man is. But not only is the principal of Bethany extremely elitist and stupidly so, he is also dumb enough to let it out in a circular, of all things. In fact his stupidity as the guru of the next generation disturbs me much, much more than his elitism. My resolve to send my children to a Notre Dame institution just got stronger.

What do you call someone who doesn't exactly know what she wants to do with her life but does know that she needs her work to consume her on weekdays. She wants to love what she does and has run into a dry spell since her relocation. What would you call someone who truly believes that work is just that. Work. And is still looking for something elusive, something that makes her really happy on weekdays and pays enough money for weekends. What would you call someone who suddenly forgot what her real aspiration was because she started enjoying/ getting consumed by her first full time job? What would you say when she tells you that she dug up and dusted an old dream she had nurtured from the age of 12 to 23 and decided to, once and for all, remember it and do something about it? I would call her a rockstar. And I would call it "rockstarness". LOL! But then again, work is work is work. And she has learned it the hard way, twice over, in the last 1 year. So this time around, the dreamer/ planner in her has decided to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Without sky high expectations from what is on its way. I think it just adds to her rockstarness. I will go tell her that now :D

Rahul Mahajan is back to being the abusive husband. What can I say? A woman decided to marry someone with a reputation like Rahul's, without taking him to a psychiatrist before taking the plunge. Can she complain now? Sure. Because even that is going to get her media coverage. Should she? I cannot say anything without getting brickbats from the feminists around. But I think Dimpy Mahajan (?) is reaping what she sowed. On a more shallow note, how can you marry someone who laughs like that? I'd rather go live with hyenas.

Every city, in my head, has a character of its own. They are people. Just better ;) A couple of days back I was in the auto, the rain on half of my face and hair, and Hanging by the moment in my ears. That is when I realised that I treat, love, and hate cities like they were people. I feel protective about Pune. I think it is innocent. Most of the "un-innocent" things I know/ have done/ still do in life, I learned during my Pune years. It was more about loss of innocence, about taking off those rose tinted glasses that made me look at a mirror and see a rockstar, and yet I feel protective about Pune like I would about a lost, confused college student. That is exactly how I felt when the German Bakery incident was all over the news. Pune ne kisi ka kya bigaada hai? Bombay has a world of positive energy. On a lot of days, just plain energy. Bangalore is lazy, laid back. On most days in a rather nice way. On some days in a seething way. It is lush. It is conniving. It is hypocritical. It is beautiful. And for now, it is mine. Patna. How can I not mention it? I love Patna like one loves their parents. With all my heart. But as long as I have the choice, I would rather live away and meet (as opposed to 'visit') very often. It keeps my relationship with Patna very healthy and unapologetic. I think I am a very weird person.

I have been consumed by Hanging by the Moment the last couple of days. I have also recently realised that I really like the word "consumed". It appeals to the melodramatic side of me. I think the next change on the player now will be Baadalon se kaat kaat ke. Just for this phrase. Baadalaon se kaat kaat ke. Something here sounds a lot like the realisation of a dream. In my case, many. Too much to do, very little time.

On that note, I am off to go laze around with another mug of chai. Don't blame me. There isn't much time, true. But I don't have to finish everything today, right? One thing at a time. I think I am finally beginning to realise how true "easy come, easy go" is. I think I also know now that "haste makes waste". I think I can almost see the halo of wisdom around my head. Let me go fix it.

More later! :)


piyu said...

I hardly think Dimpy deserves any sympathy, in this case.. most of these contestants were in it for the few moments of fame, and probably (his) money. How can you proclaim to be in love with someone, and queue up to marry him after reading all the crap that is printed about him in media? On a much lighter note, I had lots of fun watching the show :D

And Miss Rockstar, rock on :).. my best wishes with her, may she find what she is seeking :)

Enjai your break!

Tamanna said...

Piyu, check your email. The rockstar is very happy today :P

And I loved that show btw :D

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

THIS is uncanny.. I mean, the Hanging by a Moment part. It's one of my fave songs, and I used to play it on a loop a few months back all. the. time. I have this piece of trivia in a post too, somewhere. Will hunt and post.

What has the rockstar decided to get back to? Just curious. And yeah, while I'm being nosy, what does 'Badalon se kaat kaat ke' mean?

Tamanna said...

@Smartie, I read the post one day when I was digging the grave on your blog, and I got hooked all over again. In fact I posted lyrics of the song a couple of days back :D

Roxie said...

Loving the post. Didnt realise that is what I do with cities (too!) until you put it so eloquently. Share the sentiments on Pune. It will always be my first love :)
I am liking the happy feelings all around. Hugs, Chica.

Tamanna said...

If we weren't all crazy, we would be insane :D

Hugs right back at you!

Preeti said...

Loved you post! Very happy for you, Rockstar! :)
Wonder what you are looking for now!
I completely agree with your analogy on cities. I feel the same way, about Delhi - My pet whom I can scold and tease, but love with my whole heart!