Thursday, July 15, 2010

Paisa paisa

To make sure I can type these, I will have to spend these to buy a cellphone, keyboard, and a laptop that has a key for.. errr.. repetitive word alert.. these.

Much as my first reaction to most things new is AAARGH, I have to admit I quite like this new rupee symbol, that even as I write this, is taking at least twitter by storm.

Here's to a new.. errr.. era?

PS - I am not sure why this post sounds cynical. That was really not the point. D Uday Kumar, if you read this, do know that I love what you have done to the rupee.


austere said...


Rajlakshmi said...

i have been hearing and reading abt it the whole day...coutesy mail forwards ...
now this is something different :)

DI said...

I think it's pretty cool too! :D And the whole explanation of 'ra' meeting R meeting the tiranga and all, hehe, good stuff! :D